Henham 10K

Definitely going to do this one this year if I can. Faster course than you realise (my friend almost beat his PB here last year and that was with the awful mud) and if it's dry beforehand potentially a very fast course.

Great organisation and a scenic village with a very pretty route!

Anyone else going to do it?


  • I may give it a go BryrR.

    Can someone please give me some advice on best footwear to wear? I guess it depends on conditions but at the moment I only own the one pair of trainers!
  • Depends on weather.

    If it's been tipping it down for a few days beforehand then definitely some trail shoes but if not then fairly light trainers.

    TBH you should be okay with any trainers, but if it's been raining expect to slip and slide a lot. Course is roughly half paths and half road.

    May not be running now (injury woes continuing) but will almost certainly be there for the race.
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