Wellingborough Multi-Terrain Series

Just have to say what a great series of races this is, something for everyone, 5k, 10k or 15K, mainly on trail but a little muddy and a bit of a hill and in beautiful scenery, and the organisation is fantastic a lot of clubs could learn from this by the time you get home have your shower and lunch the results are on line for you to check out, even the overall series events were on line within a few hours.

But at this time of year with not much else going on it is a pleasant change from Marathon training and help break up the monotony of pounding the streets for mile after mile and a good preparation for the Tri season, I would highly recommend it.



  • well said jb

    i did round 2 and 3 and loved every muddy minute of it.

    very well organised and friendly coordinators and marshalls.

    will definately be doing it again next year and move on to the tri events too
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