• me again! Pizza man, I am looking at the Trail Running Association webpage at the moment and it gives a bit of info about trail running events. It's not a particularly big site but there are links and contacts. It's at
  • Hi Pizza man,
    The Stickler that Katie mentions I've done several times and yes it's another brilliant off road run. It wasn't run last year because of foot and mouth. The year before the river was flooded into the adjoining field and we were literally up to our hips in water-quite an experience! It's a toughy, but not as tough as The Exmoor Stagger.

    You will find details for both these races in this months RW. I would recommend both of them, but obviously with them being on the same day you will only be able to do one!

    I think I mentioned The Montecute in Somerset. That's another 10 mile off road one to do if you get the chance. Believe me if you're getting the taste for these kind of races, this one can't be missed. It's on the 1st December and you get a Christmas pudding for your efforts.
  • Thanks for the link Katie.
    Hilly I've just seen those 2 events in RW. If poss I'll probably do the one in Dorset as it's closer.
    I went to the club training session last nite in my big purple beast shirt & wouldn't shut up about the event. I think they'll be a few of us next year, or maybe they were just saying that to shut me up.
    All the best
  • Hi Hilly,

    Just got back from hols in Dorset. Aaargh!!! Can't believe I missed you!!! I was around the start as well in my yellow URWFRC T-shirt, but didn't see you, although I was queuing for the bog between 10 and 10:15!

    Congratulations on your time - absolutely brilliant! I thought the race was absoutely tremendous and one of the most enjoyable I've ever done (I think the goos weather helped a bit!). I got round in a bit over 2:13 so was pretty happy. Would like to have gone a bit quicker at the start, but that narrow bit through the woods and the queues at the stiles held me up a bit. Chapmans Pool didn't cause me too much trouble, but the second set of steps was agony!!! Fabulous course, excellent organisation, groovy T-shirt and definitely one for the 2003 calendar. Will wear a carnation next year so we don't miss each other again!!!

  • "goos" weather!?!?!? Good weather I meant of course!!! Not having the edit facility is downright embarrassing sometimes!!!
  • & there was me thinking it was a fashionable way of saying hot & sunny.
  • Yea me too Pizza man!

    DW, I've only just found this message so sorry it's taken so long to reply. I'm glad you had a good holiday and that you enjoyed The Beast. I agree the stiles helped to slow us down, mind they were good for recovery.

    Finding people in a crowd of runners is very hard. I had the same problem at the GSR, I didn't spot one person even though there were enough sporting the forum vests.

    Next year there will most probably be more forum runners going by the earlier response, so we'll all have to wear carnations!
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