The 19th Biffa Roddlesworth Roller 6

Anyone rolling this year? fingers crossed for no blizzards!!


  • I'm rolling, but not done it before. It looks good! What shoes would you recommend? My choice is road shoe or studded inov8s: will the studs be too hard for all that shale?
  • thinking of doing this in the morning my last race was lostock 6 how do they compare
  • Completed my 1st roddlesworth roller today and what an event! They state it as undulating but thats an understatement! The 1st half is a damn good climb and most runners are trotting if not walking at the highest peak but then once past this the decent back to the finish is fantastic.
    If you like cobbles,stones,shale,mud,puddles,streams good hearty climb's and fast decents this is a definite!
    This has to be one of my favourite 10k's and cant wait for the next one.
    I'll be upping my hill work without a doubt.
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