Mens and womens tights

I am looking for some attractive but technical running tights, and there is not much out there for women. There is, however a whole heap of choice for men. I'm contemplating getting a mens pair, but does anyone know if there is a difference, i.e around the groin area?


  • Where have you seen the mens ones? was it online? if so, whats the ad... see above msg!
  • Mens hips are narrower than ours, so you may find that to fit there the legs are baggy. Unless you're a really slender whippety-hipped girl!!

    (See, a SENSIBLE posting on gear from me! I can do it!)
  • Well done Helen, nothing about sideways underwear either.

    Try any of the links to the right of this thread, I use and they are very good and fast delivery too.

    (That is to the right of the previous post)
  • I have used all of these links, and more!!
    StartFitness are def. the fastest. But there's still not much choice for womens tights. Or, smaller sizes sell out very quickly.

    So, does anyone know if the groin is different!!!?

    And Helen, no, def. not whippety-hipped.
    More, real-woman!
  • I've not (yet) investigated the frontal dimensions of male runners tights Rachel, but I'm sure there must be at least a little bit of extra space for their little differnce!
  • mens are usually longer in length as well....look a bit dodgy if you have to roll them up!
  • Rachel - there is a difference in the groin area apparently, the mens tend to be shorter so if you don't mind hipsters go for mens!!
  • Rachel - I've got a fab pair of Hind tights - women's ones. I love them.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I have just checked Mr B´s running tights (Nike) and there definitely áren´t baggier at the front. Should add that he wasn´t wearing them at the time.

    I think that men´s running tights are all designed by women - have you noticed how they always make a certain part of a man´s anatomy (I´m coy, me), er, stand out.

    Check out for a huge range of women´s running tights. Most are quite reasonably priced. Their horribly expensive XTreme tights, however, have a thermal bottom especially for us girls. I have a pair and they are soooo warm and hey, they look good as well.
  • Thanks to spans and LizzyB

    I think I'll stick to womens tights then!!!

    currently checking out newline, albeit it very slowly!
  • I also stick to women's tights.
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    I do if I can catch them up!
  • Helen - "I'm sure there must be at least a little bit of extra space for their little difference" - LOL :-)
  • I aim to please, Wee P, but according to LizzyB the tights aim to squeeze! Poor men all trussed up with no knacker space.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I'm sure they love it really! :)
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