Aaaargh, humiliation. Sidelined again- sacro-illiac joint, and by an airplane seat. Well, ok, that was only part of it. As was the 90 minutes of queueing before the six hours of flying. (Self-inflicted injury: but then my parents are in their 80's, and yep, do it more frequently now.)

Well that put everything on red alert, and sure enough, I was eventually felled by a 3 hour rehearsal.

Never mind, we've been here before, and if we're good (stay horizontal) it shouldn't be too long. Can't even swim though, cause I've managed to pull some muscles in my shoulder. Can't think how.

I'll be a rare visitor for a week, except to check up on how Cath is getting on.

In the meantime, all the best. Marj


  • I have developed a positive mental attitude to not being able to run for a week (see flu), and have imposed catch up novel reading as my stand in sport. Can recommend Tim Moore's French Revolutions, as I am sure any runner would find it hilarious in parts and gritty in others. Good luck and try as I am not to be too impatient to get back....

    All the Best,

    Fiona Boyd.
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