Pins & Needles in toes

I get pins & needles in my toes whilst running for more than 1hr. I always have done so irregardless of running shoe etc. I have tried many things to help the pain but still have the re-occurring problem. I have changes my runners to Mizuno Wave which has reduced the problem slightly. I have changed to a bigger size. Does anyone suffer the same? Can anyone help? I do not suffer pain anywhere else while running. I am training for London marathon so putting in the miles so I would appreciate any god advise from the experts!
Also while I am here, any advise on blisters? I seem to get them no matter what socks I use, anti-blister, double-skin, 1000m etc Also putting plasters before running doesn't seem to improve the situation either,
Thanks again


  • don't know much about that complaint but you could try singing needles and pins by the searchers.has that helped????????:0))))))))))
  • it could be Morton's Neuroma or more likely width fitting of the shoes. You get a very poor blood supply to the lower leg and feet. If your shoes are too tight across the top of the mid foot this will slow blood supply down even further and can cause "pins and needles". Morton's is a nerve trapment problem - tight shoes can be the culprit. There are a few pages on the RC web site suggesting how to re tie your shoes. Good luck
  • MikeSmithMikeSmith ✭✭✭
    I used to get this and found that I was tying my shoes up too tight.

    Now i tie them up missing the penultimate holes (so there is a gap at the top) and everything is fine.

    I think there is a guide to different ways to tie trainers somewhere on this website.
  • I have had p & n since I started running. I have used NB's and Asics and it makes no difference. I have seen a chiropodist who says I have no trapped nerves and just have to put up with it!!
    I have tried lacing my shoes in allsorts of diffrent styles to no avail.

    Unfortunately I think you are stuck with it but one good thing for you is it starts after an hour, mine starts after half an hour goes numb and I just forget about it.
  • I suffer from exactly the same problem which occurs more often than not from 7 miles onwards. I had a pair of trainers (Nike Structure Triax) and it never happened. When they wore out I have had it non stop with a whole range of trainers including the so called upgraded Nikes. The Chiropodistlooked at my original Nikes and decided they had a really deep toe well which revised versions don't have. He stuck a 'doughtnut' shaped pad under my inner sole which sort of allowed my toes to drop through and prevent this 'Mortons toe' issue. Although not absolutely perfect it's much relieved, now only minor and definitely bearable for marathon distance. Very annoying complaint though and only get it on toes of one foot.
  • Pins and needles due to irritation/inflammation of the nerves in the foot. Can be caused by shoes being laced up too tight or too loose a fit around the forefoot. I suspect the latter the reason in your case - too much "slapping" movement eventually building up after several miles causing the abnormal sensations. Solution ? Try half size smaller or change insole or change model or change make.
  • Sorry I can't help with the foot issue, but I get minor pins & needles in my hands - it seems to be worse when I run fast.

    Does anyone know if this is somthing I should be worried about - will my fingers drop off? 

  • I also get pins and needles in my feet after about 3 miles which continues and gets quickly more painful until I stop running.

    I also have pins and needles in my hands, specifically the third and fourth fingers and worse in the left hand.  This has been diagnosed as temporary nerve damage caused by leaning too much on the elbow or having the elbow bent too much, particularly having it bent all the time you are asleep.  Leaning on the elbow causes the nerve to get sqashed and having it bent for long periods causes the nerve to be permanently stretched.  These things over time causes damage.

    The pins and needles in my hands gets worse when I am running, probably because the arms are bent and moving, aggrevating the nerve.

    I doubt your fingers will off but you should look at things like how much you are leaning on your elbows and whether you have them bent for long periods like when you are asleep, and try to correct these things.  If it is the nerve, it should return to normal.

  • Thanks, I will keep this in mind.

    I often wake in the night with a totaly dead arm which can't be helping either!

  • I suffer from pins and needles when running after 20 minutes which eventually makes my feet numb. I also have calf pain at the same time. Funny thing is i never had this problem with my old trainers but bought exactly the same make and now had these problems. Am going to rest up for 2 weeks then try running in my old trainers and see what happens. Failing that im gonna take my 2 sets of trainers down to the podiatrist and see what they say. Anyone else suffered the same thing?

  • exactly the same for me.  calves hurting then really bad pins and needles.  hasn't happened fro last 5 weeks and now happened 2 nights in a row ??  so bad had to stop.

    Anybody any answers , there are about 20 threads on here but no real solutions.

    I haven't changed, trainers,  Could it be diet.  Course I run had changed slighly ?!

    Worried as got half marathon in a few weeks for first time. 

  •  I got the same thing in my race yesterday, my aim for sub 1h went when I had to stop all the time cos my feet were get numb. 

     This was the first time I had this although I have used the same trainers etc over the year, and never got this problem.  Although I have to say the bottom of my legs were tightening too.

    Could it be the cold weather??

    Will see what happens next time I run, as I am concerned as I am starting my VLM training soon.

  • could be the innersole of the shoe aswell. most brands these days are putting softer inners in there sheos to get a more soft "worn in" feel straight out of the box. check your innersoles and see if your putting alot on weight on your middle toes. most ppl with Morton's Neuroma  or even a mild case of it do this. maybe a gerneric "supportive" insole. mizuno are a wide brand so i doubt its the width of the shoe but then maybe your tieing your shoes to tight because of that...
  • I was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency when I asked my GP about pins and needles. She said it was so common she keeps a supply of the injections in her surgery.

    According to wikipedia the consequences of B12 deficiency can be permanent and devastating, so get yourself a blood test.

  • Hi All

    Again ive had exactly the same thing as described.

    the one answer that started to make sense to me was Meep-Meeps answer.

    Ive bought bigger size trainers and in hindsight its got worse. but i never thought that its because my feet are in trainers that are TOO BIG and therefore "slapping around" that could be the problem.

    I cant afford to buy even MORE trainers to find the solution so ill try to relace my fore foot tighter and see if that works and let you know.

    I'll also let you know if I get gangrene!!???image


  • I have previously had a problem with a painful right calf and then pins and needles - using a foam roller before running has helped this! 

  • The tighter trainers didn't workin fact it was worse.

    Milton vex? What do you do with the foam roller?
  • Sorry I didn't really explain!! I roll my calves, i do this before every run now
  • I get pins and needles and calve tightening. I have been told that naturally, when standing or walking, my heals sit lower than my toes and causes tightening when running. I have to get my partner to tenderise my calve muscles by hitting them with a rolling pin and then doing some stretching exercises. It helps with the calves but I still get pins and needles. I have been told to wear a heal insert to rise it up so I don't sink into my heals when running, I haven't done this yet but will so it might help my pins and needles and tight calves.

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