Australian Grand Prix

Just wondering if anyone else is planning to get/stay up to watch the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday Morning and then backing this up with a race sunday morning? I am planning to get up, watch the race and then head off and do the Reading Half Marathon. I did this in 2000 and set a PB. I'm hoping this seemingly suicidal strategy works for me again!!


  • why would I want to get up and watch a boring GP? The fun went out of GP races when technology became king and James Hunt died. No personalities left these days and GP racing is just a procession. Yawn.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Mr Nessie has a road rally on Saturday night and then plans to come home and watch the GP (rally finishes at 2am).

    Glad we live in separate houses. I'll get my ZZZZs & maybe watch the highlights (if there are any :-))
  • I agree fatbutfit. It used to be so much more exciting. Now, I'll just read the race results. Still, maybe all the changes will actually bring back the fun?
  • I planned on staying up,however fell asleep way before it started, so watching it now!!!

    No race to do however, but going for a run later!
  • I think Michael Shumacker is a class driver, might not be a bubbly personality, but all these rules seem to be to try and slow him down. Best driver since Ayrton Senna.

    Anyway, I'm off to have a long shower. After just finishing my longest run ever. A mere 2 hours (not longest run distance wise, as did 1/2 marathon last Sunday in 1hr 55..but that almost killed me!). Not much for some, but I think I may goto bed soon!
  • Cool reply, since i support Schumi and Ferrari!! Oh and please don't anyone tell me who wins, since i have avoided any news all day after falling asleep last night and missing the race!!!

    Actually maybe i should log off!!!

  • I know who won Kirsten.

    It was ...............
  • Hey it, does Kirstin have the forum Uzi?
  • Noooooooooo!!! Don't tell me! :(

    I'm not gonna look at this thread again until after the race!
  • I'm watching it now, having done the 20 miler at sutton park, its really good, not knowing who's going to win!

    they should let paula radcliffe loose in a ferrari - now there's a thought
  • 20 miles, wow well done Chocolate Orange. I've just come back from a 2 hour run. I think I managed 12 miles, but not sure as I started off slower than I normally do for the first few miles and took a new route. Was quite scenic though, Milton Keynes has got some nice lakes, forests etc...

    How do you manage to keep going for the full 20 miles CO? After 2 hours I'd had enough.
  • Damn, damn, damn :(
  • What Kirstin?
  • Schumi didn't win!!! Didn't even make it on the podium! And yes i know that is terribly unpatriotic of me before u say!!! ;p
  • Sod that, I always support Germany and Argentina in the World Cups. England are dire at football and I'd rather watch paint dry!
  • Well it wouldnt be unpatriotic if you were German.

    Frankly I'd rather anyone but the chisel-faced Scot won it.
  • Can't stand coulthard either!!
  • Irvine does my nut in.....not literally thankfully!
  • I quite like Irvine, arrogant b'stard but sexy irish accent!
  • Typical. He's a 3rd rate driver who sleeps around with loads of women (and quite possibly men).

    And there I thought you were such a nice girl Kirstin.
  • well i only mentioned his accent, not his driving ability!! yes he's a 3rd rate driver who thinks he's better than he is, and if the women want to sleep with him due to him being loaded thats up to them!!! Didn't say i would (didn't say i wouldn't either tho, but i do think he's a bit old and past it now!!)

    he sleeps with men?????? Where did that rumour come from?
  • I don't know, but it kind of helped my point so I threw it in.

    (I hope he doesn't read these pages!

    He probably doesn't, all that sleeping around with the men!)
  • think ur slander is safe, Eddie if u are reading this, u should maybe go practise ur driving instead!!!!
  • You know that I read recently that if you slander someone online, even if its via an email, and it effects that persons job/financial status/reputation etc.. you can still get done. It doesn't matter if you were just forwarding the email. You could still be held responsible.

    In that case...Eddie, I'd like to retract the statement that you have in any way or form slept with women...I mean men!

    (I'll sleep easy tonight)
  • think his reputation and his job for that matter are already in tatters!!

    Sorry Eddie ;p
  • Kirstin, I think I'm having a conversation with you on multiple threads...I'm getting a headache... will you please stay still!
  • sorry, i'm hyperactive ;)
  • Head spinning....need to lie down.
    Speak to you all later.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Well done to the wee plucky Scotsman.(It's a puppet! - Gerry Anderson will be proud)
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