Weight-loss programme

That says it all really. I'm looking for around 15 volunteers to road test a weight-loss support programme. email me from here if you're interested or want to find out more


  • fill us in OB:O)
  • I'll give info by email Hoose
  • thanks to those who've contacted me so far
  • I'd like to try as well !!
  • I'd like to join in as well please.
  • Thanks - I'll email you both
  • can't email you Eleanora - please email me from this post
  • Am I too late to ask for more information on this?! I'd be interested in finding out more!
  • there's still time - please email me from the 'E-mail member' link just above and I'll send info
  • OK OB -E mail us:O)
  • OB - you might find some idea's of how ew diet on some of my forum's.. might be useful research for you - just that I think you'd pick up patterns very quickly!
  • thanks egglett, I'll have a look - I'm out now for a couple of hours. When I get back I'll sort through all responses and have the test underway later this afternoon. Still room for a couple more - email me from the 'email member' link on this post
  • OB.. I think in general you could pick up loads of info and idea's from the forums. From my point of view the main issue as a runner is what to do when your body craves more food.. it's a tricky line between filling the craving and that stuffing leading into a binge on all the wrong foods!!

    Not sure if you have included sports element to the plan.. but obviosuly most of us will need that
  • wait until you see the plan :)

    I've lost the plot a bit with all the emails going backwards and forwards but I'll go through them now and those who I understand have agreed to take part will get a mail within the hour.
  • LOL.. I'm not suprised!!
  • I've just sent an email to those who (I think) are on the test.

    If you don't get it, either:

    it's lost in the post
    I haven't sent you one!

    If you think you are on the test and haven't had the agreement through,
    our communications have broken down and you'll need to email me.

  • Well, that was an interesting day! Firstly, thanks for everyone who got in touch for information.

    Altogether, with the toing and froing, I sent out nearly 100 emails and had more than the required number electing to join the test.

    Then the wheels came off. I sent out a simple agreement for people to accept before starting the test which only two people accepted.

    Anyone want to have a say about that?
  • Interesting!! Not quite sure what to say, agreements dont really bother me - the way I see it you could be unlocking something for me and in return I'm doing something for you - so fair enough - an agreement covers you and me
  • Egglett - I have no idea even if the agreement was legally binding, it was just to formalise it a bit so people were aware they had some responsibility. Especially in respect of the confidentiality bit as I'm handing out my baby on trust.

    I'm not overfussed about the agreement but it does worry me that people want to retain the right to sue me :)

    What I'll do is, put all the people who asked to part, in the test anyway and they can opt-out if they want.

    I've got to go back through all those emails now!!!
  • I run 60 - 100 miles a week is this going to work for someone like me and still give me the energy to train?
  • That's your choice UG. This is a weight-loss support plan, not a specific diet or exercise plan.
  • UG - I doubt you need a diet plan!! Flippin heck 60-100 miles! You probably need an anti-diet plan
  • that's what I was thinking Egg!
  • Well it does throw up an interesting twist though OB that you might want to mull over.. if you have a look at Feb 07 thread of mine - there's a recuring grumble from us runners trying to loose weight.. we seem to plateau.. but we also seem to think it's ok to sneak extra food on board - and to be fair some days you just have to cos your really really hungry

    The worst days for me are the really hungry days, no option but to eat - but I can go overboard on those days and then the average intake over the weeks buggered up and I either stay the same or at worst gain

    UG.. are you trying to loose weight?
  • I'm doing a split test. Half will be you people who are runners and therefore have different dietary needs and also have taken a step towards doing something about fitness and possibly weight-loss. The other half will be mostly Americans from an Internet Marketer's forum I use and as far as I know they aren't super trained athletes like you :)

    I've tried to keep the detail out of here as this was just a request for volunteers for a test and I don't want to breech RW's policy on commercial promotion, but the dietary aspect is of less importance to me than how people use the tools I'm giving.

    I think I've now added everone to the test who has indicated they want to be on. One prblem from yesterday was that I asked people to email me from the thread. Some people have out of date email info stored in their RW account and I couldn't reply.
  • That probably should be "breach"!!

    As far as I'm concerned, everyone who's asked to be in, is now in and should have received the first email. But, if you know different...

    Don't forget the feedback folks.
  • I knew I was right to ask you nice people. The feedback received so far has been really, really good and I'll definitely take it on board.

    I wonder how the blokes on the test take to the graphics!! (snigger)

    I've taken the feedback about that on board too.

    Becuase the autoresponder is set for the second email to come out 24 hours after you were added, some of you are champing at the bit waiting to start the programme.

    email me if that applies to you and I'll send you the link early. You'd still get the automatic email anyway.

    So far though, thanks.
  • My test is full but if anyone else wants to be a guinea pig for a different weight-loss test, I know another marketer who is looking for volunteers.

    Email if interested and I'll send you his contact info.

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