orange eyelids?

Any suggestions?

Also getting hot dizzy when I lie down horizontal. Not sure if it's connected.

What more can go wrong with me???


  • How many carrots have you eaten recently?
  • Think you need to go to your GP!
  • who said carrots :)
  • Err...not many.

    Could it be all the red wine & Guinness? And a couple of late nights? Though it doesn't get any better if I get more sleep.
  • Dunno. I think Kirrie's right. Go to GP.

    Orange eyelids? Wierd! Where's Hipps when you need her?
  • Well, unless it's something recent, I had a load of blood tests a couple of weeks ago and they were all clear.
  • I think you should lay off:

    a) Eating Wotsits
    b) Rubbing your eyes when you're tired.

    Next patient please!
  • Prob a good idea to go see your GP Tor. I know you had the blood tests but presumably they weren't testing for things that could cause the orange eyelids/dizziness.
  • Are the whites of your eye yellowish? If so, suspect jaundice.

  • The only time I got dizzy lying down, I had anaemia. I had just given birth so understandable but very strange sensation. A bit like being drunk without the fun bit inbetween!
  • Got the test results:


    No significant abnormality."

    Have no idea what the majority of those are.

    Repeat to self: I am not a hypochondriac, I am not a hypochondriac,I am not a hypochondriac, etc.

  • Well lft's are liver function tests.
  • So I still haven't wrecked it with all that alcohol?

    Must. Try. Harder.

    I've had lightheadedness before but I think it was low blood pressure - am usually around 105/65. Had it taken this morning after I nearly puked and fell off the osteopath's couch and it was 120/80 which is v high to me.

    I really am not a hypochondriac. Honest.

  • blood pressure is plumb normal

    er, just eyelids????????

    not eyes?????

    stupid queston-snot your hair dye-dunno if you use it??????
  • You may need to get your cholesterol checked. From what you say that wasn't in your blood tests. Get a full profile done, it should be done fasting for 8 hours.

    Sometimes high cholesterol leaves deposits in the skin which can cause yellow or orange eyelids. Unlikely to be the cause of your dizziness though, more likely to be a drop in your sure you're not a hyperchondraic??
  • Hmmmpphhhh! I'm 100% natural redhead thank you very much!

    My eyes are slightly sore, but I think that's just a bit of tiredness and I've been putting moisturiser on the eyelids which is getting into my eyes.

    Thank you though. You're a star.

    Minty - I actually thought the lightheadedness a few months ago was quite weird but pleasant. The dizziness is not so nice as I get nauseous.

    Right, off to bed. Thank you for all your contributions.
  • My cholesterol, rather high. Between 6.5 and 7.6 last time checked. This eyelid thing has only come on in the last month though.

    Will continue with the moisturiser & hope it goes away, like all good hypochondriacs do... ;o)
  • Toria
    id go and get it checked anyway
    no point messing with the eye area
  • too much curry - colouring leaking out through your eyes?
  • I feel I must atone for my flippant 'Wotsits' suggestion, but as I am no medical expert I cannot offer a serious diagnosis. I can, perhaps, raise a smile. My extensive google searches based on your symptoms lead me to ask the following.

    1. If you also have a large hooked bill, then it is possible that you are a herring gull. What's a nice gull like you doing in a place like this?

    2. If you are not happy with your eyelids, why not snap up a great deal on new ones at

    3. If you stare at a colour long enough, and then look at something white you will see the complimentary colour. Is it possible the rest of you has turned bright green?

    In the absence of any sensible suggestions, I must echo PH. Go and get it checked out. At the very least you will probably find out what 'orange eyelid' is in Latin.
  • SOG

    you really DID just make me LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Tor-didnt you have conjunctivitis a while back
  • Could it be all the red wine & Guinness? And a couple of late nights? Though it doesn't get any better if I get more sleep.#

    Ehmmmm... yeah - could be that; causing you to forget to take your make up off before you pass out hence the orangey eye-shadow that's left... Very 80's I must say :-)

  • Toria,

    I have bad news....

    You've been TANGO'd!


  • SOG, that post has set me up giggling for the day. Classic!
  • *waits for the Henson/Welsh jokes to start*

    Any moment now...

    Hipps - I don't think it was conjunc..., I think it's when this started. Will see how the next couple of days go as am frantically busy at work.
  • ah, i see Tor
    so it predates the moisturiser application????

    (im sorry for laughing at some of the posts on here, but some are classic)
  • Yeah, I thought mine was funny till RRR posted... now my attempt at humour seems pretty sad compared to that posting!
  • Excellent, SOG.

  • Are you eyelids orange and scaly? (Seriously). Sometimes shampoo gives me scaly orange-ish patches on my eyelids (got ne now, as a matter of fact). Have you changed shampoo/ moisteriser etc??
    Sorry to be sensible!
  • Jiggi - good point, I'll have to look at what I'm using. It's all currently Clarins (had a mad moment) so I would have thought it ok.

    (I don't mind anyone laughing btw; it is rather weird.)
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