Bad Days

Went out for a long run on Sunday after a achey ish four miler in the week. Back was really painful, cramp in foot, legs felt like lead and just refused to go away. Lasted a mile and had to walk home.

Dunno what happened to make me feel so awful, was a bit tired before I went out, but thought the run would perk me up not kill me. I've just come back from holiday, but still managed to do a couple of runs when I was away and was happily doing 6 mile Sunday runs four weeks ago.. even getting disappointed when I had turn around to go home!

Anyone else felt like this?? really demoralised - was planning on building up to a marathon over the summer and I can't even get 'round the block!


  • Just been out intending to do an eight miler tonight, but only managed a pitifully slow four miles. Had a stitch most of the way round and think I ran too quickly after tea - only left it an hour. It's really disappointed me as I'm doing the Silverstone Half on Sunday and will be struggling if I keep up today's form.
  • Toomuchtoodo, it sounds like you might just be under the weather, maybe you have picked up a wee bug while on holiday? If you travelled by plane, the air in there is horrible, just re-circulated so you can easily catch something.

    Don't let it get you down, if you listen to your body and rest when it asks, you will recover much more quickly. Take the opportunity to put your feet up a while and get back into it gradually.
  • i am only doing a mile at a time

    it hurts too much other wise

    but i got round a marsa on sunday

    you do what you do when you can
  • I've had days like that -don't worry, in my experience they are part of the running experience.

    tek it easy -listen to bod and you'll be back:O)
  • Will head off again at the weekend and hopefully things back to normal by then. Just gutted after everything was trundling along nicely.
  • Toomuch - I get run's like this - drives me bloody mental.. sometimes I know it's cos I have overdone it a bit - but you'll never hear me admit to that!! LOL..

    NORMALLY though take it easy a couple of days and it will come round right again
  • Sorry to hear about your problems Toomchtoodo.
    If you were doing good six milers only a few weeks ago, I'd perhaps put your aches & pains down to a virus that your body's fighting. I've had that happen to me.

    I reckon, give it a few days or so, like Egglet says, listen to your body, let it fight the bug and then see how you feel about doing a short run, say a three miler.

    If it is a virus, Your body needs all it's energy to fight the little b*ggers. Rest is therefore best for a few days and see how it goes.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Oh and keep your fluids up.
  • Cheers guys - Did 5 miles around the track in the gym yesterday.. and managed a sprint for the last lap.. still felt ok and did another mile "for fun"! :)
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