5 k treadmill times

I am interested in 5k times on a treadmill just to see where I am at really. I would like to know what times a beginner,an average club runner and a good club runner would turn in. I am talking about a treadmill on the flat with no elevation


  • I would class myself as a beginner - usually get between 32-35 mins on the flat.
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    Hi Rob that is so difficult.

    Some people find a treadmill so much easier than outside.

    But i do not even with the special air conditioning that goes with the treadmills i run on in the gym.

    Outside at my best i can run round about 25 minutes at my worst 28 minutes race situation

    on my own in in training maybe around 30 minutes.

    But on the treadmill its approaching 35 minutes. I've been running regularly since June 2003 and i suppose i finish in the 3rd quarter of finishers

  • depends on age also

    some excellent club runners will do carp on treadmil.

    what time are you doing?
  • Also take at least 30 seconds to warm the dam thing up to speed!
  • I've PB'd 19min22 road and 19min57 treadmill- though I think the former was a bit of a fluke as I havent got close to that lately!

    My main problem on the treadmill is overheating, but on the plus side its easier to force yourself to maintain a steady pace.
  • Rob

    It really is age dependent, However at near enough 50 and after 5 years of running I hit about 21 mins on the treadmill but that is at 1% incline otherwise its easier than the road.
  • My Pb so far is 27.35 but I was not really attempting to set a pb(although I was sweating like a greasy pig and would probably not beat by much anyway.) I just wanted a rough guide to compare to
  • I have a strange image of good club runners doing Carp on the treadmill and there was me thinking this was a good clean site.
  • "was me thinking this was a good clean site" LOL we can get a bit dirty!

    27 is not bad. do you know a 5k route outside you can time yourself over or even race a 5k?
    don't worry you won't be last.
  • No planned 5 k races as yet I was just comparing really and wondered where I was
  • Better than 90% of the population.

    That do you proud? :)

    There is some stats somewhere
  • I broke my British, European and World 5KM treadmill record on Wednesday night. Fell off the back of the 'mill' on 25:22 - two minutes quicker then previous. If I had been able to move I would have attempted a quick lap of honour of the near empty gym. Must have been all the Coke Zero I had drunk that day.....

    As a comparison - to balance it up I am yet to break (despite many attempts)one hour for a 10k race. Maybe its the race nerves, initimidation by all the 'club' and serious runners, endurance problems, training, diet,lack of Coke zero or simply lining up with the wrong mindset - I dont know. Must try harder!


  • Did 23:10s (1.5% gradient) on the treadmill on Monday morning for 5km. Could have done it a lot faster to be honest - even more so if there was any air-con in my gym - i used to run with a fan to my side when I did up to 2hrs at a time before Xmas and that made things so much easier.....far too hot without one inside so I prefer being outside now.
  • My Pb is 21.32 but in walking, not running.
    I had a break in training and recently I walk about 23 minutes on 5km
  • i tried this tonight, 5k outside, 29 minutes, on treadmill in gym, same time. whats that all about?

    i even tried going faster but couldnt.
  • Well my PB so far is now 26.30 but I treated it more like a HIIT session so could probably run it smarter.I don't think I shall improve on this for sometime. Going to forget it for a while and try again in a month.
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    I've run sub 19 on the Treadmill but I don't like to push too hard in training. Usually when using the mill I run in the 20-25 mins per 5K bracket.
  • I went sub-20 on a treadmill (on a 1% incline) a long time before I went sub-20 on the road. I now don't train on an incline but I would probably be able to go sub-19 (if I tried).

    Comparing treadmill times is not really a good thing to do though:

    - Some gyms will have better air conditioning than others (and you'll be able to run faster without the "sahara effect"!).
    - Some treadmills will have fans attached
    - I find older gym treadmills have less bounce than newer ones.
    - Calibration can be incorrect on treadmills meaning your run is actually longer/shorter than 5k

    I have been running about two years but with a lot of time out for injury - mainly due to hacking out too many fast miles on treadmills!! (a word of warning to only do an occasional 5k time trial!)

    Best way to test your progress is to run a regular 5k race.
  • Your DNA is biggest factor because you can't control that! all constantly don't compare apples with apples. Aside from the effects of aging, We are not built the same way. Extreme Example I know a guy just shy of 7ft tall maybe 19stone keen runner. Now how can you compare his time with someone third his weight. Not a level playing field for the taller larger runners. I'm 6ft 1 and heavy set 15 stone and struggle to get below 26mins on a 5k however hard I try but I can maintain same pace for hours. Us chunky guys can take some solice that millennia ago when we were hunter gatherers the skinny guys had to wait for us to come do the actual bashing of prey. I think this was because there wrists were so thin. Either that or stayed back at camp with the ladies collecting the berries. Maybe that's just sour grapes. Alas I will never win a 5k race. This is the motive for such comments. Idea - Weight class entry races? Like boxing? I would be much more interested in racing if there was more of a chance of being competitive I'm sure others would too. Just a thought. Also not safe running over 16kph on running machine. Not for me anyway. You should be outside at that speed. In my opinion. Think of what a complete idiot you would feel if you did fly backwards. You may end up snapping a wrist. Dam there's them sour grapes again! I'm going to call them guys berry pickers now as they fly past on the last 400m. 
  • I am almost 50 y.o. I run 17:52 on treadmill, not in very good shape after this lockdown.
  • My goal this year is to run 10 km at 3:33 / km, max speed of my treadmill.... We will see... :)
  • I meant 3:20 / km. so I should complete 10k in 32 minutes. I need to train this summer
  • A lot of factors to consider, but a rough finger in the air would be:

    30/35 mins - Average
    20 mins - Good (top few percent)

    I can run a 20 min 5k at a push, and i currently run 35 miles per week and have been running for about 1 and a half years

  • A complete beginner would jog in about 28 and 32mins. Quite a good runner would be below 24mins. You are now looking at club runners, who should be able to run 20mins without too much trouble. This does depend how old you are ! If you are younger than 35, completing this in 17mins should not be a problem. I would say anything at or around 17mins is quite good. I am running just under 17mins now but as I am approaching 62 years old and really don't think I will get down below 16:47. If you wish to improve vary your training in terms of both distance and pace EVERY day. Or e mail me and I will write a bespoke plan for you. http://runningcoachonline.co.uk/
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    Mejustme: I wouldn't be too ambitious! The 10k rankings for 50 year olds were topped last year with 32:46. No-one else broke 33 minutes! 32 minutes is therefore overambitious, I feel, and can only end in disappointment! Set smaller achievable targets, initially 40 minutes, say.
    I am aware of some of Trailrun's performances and I would be fairly certain that he knows what he is talking about!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • My average time on a treadmill is 16.30 I have gone quicker though ,my average time outside is around 17.10 I also have gone quicker I'm 44 and run a lot ,to be fair it's all relative though as any thing running related 
    Another thing you need to bear in mind is treadmills are on the whole very innacurate but they can be a good training tool if used properly .
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