The Two Saints 10K

Only a couple of weeks to go now. Anyone running it.

This is one of my favourite 10K races, and I try to run it every year.

Entry fees have gone up this year, but as the police now have to be paid, this is, unfortunately inevitable.


  • I'm considering it.

    What's the course like, flat or Hilly, fast or slow ?

    Comparable to Marwell ? or easier ?
  • It is not a flat course - but it a good event for local charity - not done it for a couple of years, but have always enjoyed it.
  • It is quite a fast course. It is a little hilly outward, with a faster return. I usually run the second half quicker.

    I haven't run the Marwell, so can't compare it. It isn't the fastest 10k course that I have run, and my best time for it is 37.12, set way back in 1991.

    It is a friendly race, and goes round southampton common. They take entries on the day. I would recommend it to you.
  • im considering doing it
  • I'm afraid I never received my race No. so didn't run it. It still hasn't arrived.

    Very disappointed, as I have run it practically every year, since 1987, when it was my very first 10k race.
  • A good day out - I looked for you at the start Terry, shame you missed it.

    I made up 3 minutes on my Winchester 10K time but still appear to be going backwards as I approach the big five -oh this year....does it get any easier ?!

    Got my entry form for Marwell - a friend who's done it says its a great day out but hilly....might see you there ?

  • Hi Roger, I saw your name in the results lists. I am really peeved that I didn't receive my race pack. Must have gone astray in the post, as everyone else seems to have received theirs.

    I am not running the Marwell Zoo 10k, but have entered the Isle of Wight Marathon, which takes place on the 20th May.
  • Hallo, I wasn't able to find the full results of the race on the two saints 10k web site yet. I gave a call to the organizer, but I was told that I have to wait few more days. Has anybody found them somewhere else?
    Many thanks.
  • I saw the results on the two saints web site on Monday.
  • Terence, thank you for your reply. I have been going through the several times since Monday. But were is said: 'click here for full results' I keep finding the 2006 race's resluts. So I have gone through all the pages of the site, but no 'results'!
    It's me being "blind", or something else is wrong?!

  • Laura, I can't understand why you can't get the 2007 results. I have just checked again and they are still there.
  • Hi Terence, I do not know what kind of 'mistery' it was, but on Saturday morning I found a Two Saints 10k web site which appeared (to me!) finally updated and with all the "long-awaited" results!
    Thank you anyway for your help. Laura
  • Good luck with the IOW marathon Terry - and any other Forumites who have it on their 'To Do' list !

    ( As Terry is probably well aware the IoW is FAR from is a polite way of describing the terrain :-) )


    ( looking forward to trotting past the tigers...)
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