Running with a baby!!


I am looking for advice about running with a newborn baby... I am hoping to keep running through my pregnancy and afterwards and would like to get a pushchair that will be suitable for trail and off road running from newborn if possible... obviously we wouldn't be fell racing with a tiny baby but it would be good to be able to jog around the local park...

Does anyone have any advice or experience please?




  • Baby Jogger
  • Hi Ailith - I'm hoping to do the same and plan to get a Baby Jogger - there are a couple of threads where people have discussed this which you might like to take look at -
    Advice on training with a baby jogger

    Pregnant runners

    Good luck !

    sb x
  • I think there are some which claim to be suitable from birth, but most say to be used from 3, or 6 months.

    If you are planning on going off road, the little 'un will get quite shaken around, so I would definitely wait until they are bigger & stronger for this.

    I couldn't afford a babyjogger, and we got hold of a returned 3-wheeler from our local baby shop. It's not designed specifically for running and is quite heavy. Having said that, it wheels smoothly, and although it makes running harder work (especially up hills), I've managed to run successfully with it loads of times. Been up to about 10 quite hilly miles, and even got it over the local cliff path, including stiles (htough didn't tell the wife until some months afterwards). I even used it in our club's monthly handicap race a few times (added approx 2 mins to my time over 5k).

    Generally people say that the bigger wheeled ones are better to run with, but then of course that makes them more difficult to store & fit into cars. Mine are only 12 inch, but as I said I find it's fine to run with.

    I'd definately go for one with a fixed front wheel for running.

    The other thing to remember is to check out if the height of the handle is appropriate. My wife is a bit shorter than me, and she finds ours really difficult to use as the handle's too high - especially to press down on to get up curbs or lift the front wheel for cornering. It doesn't cause me a problem at all.

    If you are lucky enough to have a really good local babyshop like we do, they may even let you take them out for a quick spin - mine even lent me one for a whole day!

  • Hi

    Thank you for all your replies... we have now looked into babyjogger and also found an american company b.o.b... who do trailers and strollers.. they should be availble in the uk in about 2 months... and they look pretty good.. the sport utility model looks the best for off road running... and again, not suitable til the baby is a little stronger than newborn... but it seems the only way to take them at that very early stage is to have a carry cot/car seat attached to the pushchair... but even then may still be a bit bumpy for a tiny one...

    Thanks again and I will post more if I find out anything else!

    ailith :-)
  • Hey Ailith- I just couldn't resist replying to this one, just so i can rave about the b.o.b. I have a 4 month old baby and a nearly 3 year old toddler. I spent most of my second pregnancy trying to find just the right double running buggy (having had the single baby jogger). I decided on the b.o.b. ironman duallie, and finally managed to find a company that would import it. It is fantastic, a truly amazing piece of kit and I would recommend it to anyone. I was worried about running with such a little one, but bought a sleeping bag, which in combination with his snow suit, keep him immobile and completely supported. Plus, the shock absorbers really do work. I wouldn't run off-road until he is much older, but on tarmac, it is less bumpy than walking with a standard buggy. Get the ironman if you can- it is a liberation! No need for baby-sitters! Oh, and the double b.o.b. is easier to steer, and lighterweight, than the single babyjogger, so I imagine the single b.o.b. would be amazing! However, as the only colour it comes in is bright yellow you may be mistaken for the AA, as I have!
  • Hi

    Thanks for this... it is good to have a recommendation as I think we have also decided to go for the b.o.b... but who did you manage to get it imported by and how much extra did it cost you...


  • Sorry- Have been unable to access computer so delayed response- hope this not too late. I managed to get the buggy imported through Everyone else I contacted said that they couldn't export to Europe as the buggy didn't meet our safety standards?! The price for the double buggy was $489, and shipping an extra $152. You also have to pay VAT and an import tax of something like 2% to customs. Not cheap, but worth every penny in terms of your freedom! I just did a 6 mile run today with my 3 year old and 5 month old littlees (plus dog and 11 year old(on bike)), and averaged 7.51 minutes per mile- fabulous piece of kit!!!! Hope this helps.
  • Blimey ! :-O :-O
    I cant go that fast even without the posse so R.E.S.P.E.C.T !!!!
  • Brilliant... thanks for that! I am only 16 weeks pregnant today... so not too late... we have been told that they have just been tested for European safety standards and hope to have a model that complies coming out in the Uk in the next few months... but we will also check out in case this doesn't come to any fruition...

    Thanks for your help and happy running!

  • Shufflebottom - wondering if you have sold on your Ironman buggy by now or if you interested in selling it on if no longer need it. I'm struggling to find one and desperate to get back ton regular running as soon as I feasibly can as have a single Babyjogger Perofrmance I used after having my first which kept me sane and really want a double now my second baby is here.
  • Gill you have managed to dig up a thread from 2007 here!
  • I know - hence I'm hoping someone ready to sell on by now! Desperate times call for desperate measures
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Have you tried ebay Physgill, I sold my jogger there a few months back.
  • Yup - checking every few days but double running buggies few and far between. Will keep looking!
  • Hi there Physgill,

    I have a twin Babyjogger - approx 10years old but in really good condition  - relatives brought  it back for me from USA and its been stored in the loft since my kids grew out of it.

    Let me know if your interested !image

  • Mrs Buffs,

    I'm most definitely interested. Only just started running again and will be fitnenough soon to take both out when baby big enough. Tried to pm you but not working for some reason. Where do you live? Pm me if you can and I'll send you my mobile number.


  • Gill - if you turn on your 'message me' I'll pm you 
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  • Have tried again
  • Hi Gill

    I've sent you a pmimage

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