Congratulations Posh & Becks

Notwithstanding being a lifelong Gooner, I wouldn't dream of being mealy mouthed on such a joyous occasion.

May I be the first in these hallowed columns to wish you all hearty congrats.

Love the name - Romeo Beckham kind of rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

Will have to cancel RW mag now and starting reading O.K.
the vry best


  • That's very nice of you Snoop but WHY BOTHER.
  • Snoop is up to something.
  • Romeo was actually conceived in Bognor Regis. However... You can't call your kid bog because all the kids would bully it... Thats why they called it Romeo...

    Snoop... Another thing... You've been doing your disappearing act again! Stop it!
  • Maybe he was concieved in the back of an Alfa...?
  • Or in the Theatre – A.K.A. the Smirnoff Ice Advert
  • Heh Heh!!!

    and Snoop... Shouldn't that be GURNER?!
  • I just wonder where he'll have it tatooed
  • Inside of his skull probably, there won't be much else in there if the parents are anything to go by
  • I'm very disappointed they didn't go with Peckham Beckham.
  • They're all better suggestions than Romeo for the little rascal.

    Perhaps it's just as well Jon's parents didn't name him after his town of conception - 'Toot' sounds a bit poufy (there again, it has a certain ring about it which suits young Jon.)
  • Can anybody tell me why for the second year running, I do not receive the advertised free "goody" when I order RW for the year. I informed RW about this when I paid my renewal, but again no "goody". It should have been a watch last year, and a CD this year. Is the advert a con ? Does anyone else have the same problem ?
  • I wasn't conceived in Tooting!!! I've only lived there for 1 1/2 years!!! GRRR
  • Brian? Are they offering the offspring of the Beckham's as a freebie?!
  • Hey Bri, bog off outta my thread - start your own 'RW ripped me off' column, and we'll reply to that.
  • Lucky to get a point yesterday Mr Gooner!
  • Mark of a great team - getting a result when putting out their reserve squad.
  • Sweet dreams Snoop!
  • Had to laugh at the comment made by a young Beckham fan being interviewed on the Radio this morning....

    "Yeah, nice name...quite like it....don't know where they got it though."

    I suspect the "conceived in the back of the Alfa" may be more relevant than any reference to the Bard.........
  • Ere Snoop, don't you have an Alfa
  • That's a mouthful Romeo not 'Goldenballs'.
  • Romeo Beckham got his first chance to play for Man U at Old Trafford, So
    he asked his dad what number he should wear. David thought for a
    minute and said.. .

    ... wear 4 out there Romeo
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