Running in fancy dress

Hi, I am planning to run this year's London Marathon in fancy dress (giant Lucozade Sport bottle -

I have already done 2 half marathons in it and I plan to run one more (Bath next week). I am currently not planning on running any further than 13 miles in my training prior to the race. Is this unwise? Is there anyone else out there running the marathon in fancy dress and do you have any tips?


  • "I am currently not planning on running any further than 13 miles in my training prior to the race. Is this unwise?"

    yes - it's not advisable if you want to finish well - you need to be running up to 20 miles

    BUT - if you're not bothered with time/happy to *spit walk *spit* then it's the bare minimum

    as for the dress - you'll get very very hot and sweaty so make sure you keep hydrated but not overhydrated........

    personally - I think doing your first marathon dressed as a bottle is stupid - I think you need to know what a marathon feels like before considering such an all-encompassing may then reconsider

    a 1/2 is nothing like the full distance
  • Hey budda, this would actually be my 4th maarathon, just my first dressed as a Luco bottle. You are right, 13 miles is nothing like the real thing! I should though have plenty of miles in my legs to see me the full distance (it is just running in a bottle that will make it very different. I have, and will do longer runs than 13 miles, I am just not sure about whether I need to do any longer runs the bottle outfit.
    My 'normal' half marathon pace is around 1hr 35mins and my full marathon PB is 3hrs 29. So far in the bottle I have managed to run a half in 1hr56, so just over 20 mins slower, but I am not sure how long I could keep at that pace over double the distance and what I could doing my training to help me adjust accordingly to running in a bottle.
  • I reckon black stockings and suspenders with a nun's veil and post the pics for us to see after? ;-)
  • ah - got the impression from your 1st post that you hadn't done a marathon, hence my comments....and assumed that you weren't planning more than 13 miles - period

    tbh - I doubt if you can really train to do a mara in these things! maybe train with a loaded backpack to simulate the weight you will be carrying on the day would help?? you're clearly a capable runner so just go and do your best and enjoy the day.........

    good luck
  • How did the run go do you have any pictures? We are thinking of one of these costumes for this year , what do you think?

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