Lower leg/Ankle injury

OK, so .... This has prob been addressed many times before, but it's a first for me. I'm 47, 16 1/2 stone and 320 miles into my training for the 2007 FLM (following the Runners World program). I did the 2006 FLM sucessfully last year (4:32 for my first effort) and have regularly run in 10ks, 1/2 Marathons, etc - so, not a complete jelly/fatty. I've never had any training injuries or pain of any kind. Besides being quite heavy for a runner, I have moderate+ overpronation. I alternate running in Asics Evolutions (motion control) and Brooks Beast (serious motion control). Do my shorter runs on pavement but longer runs (15+) on hard packed dirt. Couple of weeks ago I felt a sudden "tug" feeling in my left inner ankle followed by sharp pain in my lower left leg - around and just above the left inner ankle but now seems more concentrated around the lower end of the left shin bones where they connect into the ankle (inside). Pain delined to a dull ache, so I continuned on with the training run. Since then, have cut back on my running a bit, but it seems to be getting neither better nor worse whether I'm running or not. Have taken a few days off but pain returned when I started running again. Again, doesn't seem to be getting worse, so I've chosen to just "get on with it" in the FLM training/preparation. I stretch and loosen up before running. Doesn't hurt when I begin the runs, but after about 2 miles pain rises to a moderate-to-strong ache (but not sharp or seering) and stays that way until I finish - then declines noticeable when I stop (but doesn't go away). Mild general swelling in the area but nothing major or lumpy. Any idea what's going on here? I've recently been running with a neoprene brace - which seems to help my confidence more than reducing pain. Tried to get into see a doctor, but having trouble with that. Anybody recognize this - and what I should do about it (other than giving up running and resigning myself to being a fat, old **** ? Many thanks, SnailRunner


  • Hi SnailRunner. I expect you have sorted this by now, but I've been experiencing a similar pain on my inner ankle. I'm a light runner, but do over-pronate extensively and have pancake feet. I sprained my ankle back in December, but it was fine for about a month before pain started. I wear othotics and motion control shoes. Just wondered what you did to sort yours?

  • Hi

    I am relatively new to running and done a 5k event over the last couple of years.

    This year i decided to up it and entered for a half marathon

    Run three times a week and got up to 20k distance but two weeks later got injured very similar to how you describe yours.

    Five weeks rest and still not gone away !

    Did you sort your injury out and have you any advice ?

    Kind Regards

    Alan Beckwith

  • Hi Alan

    sorry to hear you are injured. Fortunately mine has vanished. A friend of mine who is a sports therapist (and a very good runner) suggested that I ditch my Kayano 15s for neutral shoes. Almost instantly the pain went. It seems that the hard grey bit which helps over pronation caused too much shock to the muscles. Maybe try changing your shoes? Did you sprain your ankle or did the pain just materialise?

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