Timex Speed Distance Gizmo

I am interested in buying one of these, having seen the enthusiasm for them in other threads. Most of my running is a meander along riverbanks so a GPS system would be great for tracking distance accurately, especially since I'm rubbish at judging pace!

But what I want to know is this: can any forumites out there tell me where I might get the best deal on one of these. I've checked several online outlets and the deal so far is the 100 lap model (rrp 220) for price of the 50 lap (rrp 199). I'd like the 50 lap though. Any suggested retailers offering bargains?


  • LarsLars ✭✭✭

    you can get the 100 lap model from www.ebay.com. Look for a seeler called Joetimex. A lot of us have positiv erperiences with him. And the 100 lap version is much better than the 50 lap one, so it is worth some extra money.

    Just look some pages bag, there are a lot information about the Times SDM
  • Lars, thanks so much! Checked him out on eBay and what a GREAT deal he's offering!

    Have ordered the 100 lap for HALF the price of the 50 lap in GBP.

    Thanks again...
  • good move. It's an excellent gadget.
  • RC

    Do you have an antennae in your system somewhere cos I swear at every mention of Timex + GPS you pop up!!!

    (I'm sure Timex has got you on commission so c'mon and own up)

    P.S. I don't need telling how good it is cos you persuaded me and I couldnae live without it now!
  • <Timex alert!...Timex alert!>

    Eh? What? Did someone mention the Timex?

    Er, yes, wonderful item, highly recommended, joetimex blah blah....


    Commission Steve? Hmm, don't put ideas into my head.....

  • Think I'm going to have to test you RC... I'm going to goto some obscure thread that's been long dead, mention timex and GPS and see if you appear!!!

  • on promo at the moment at

    have just ordered a 100 lap.$167.99 incl shipping.
  • That's an even better deal than mine, Alex! After getting the international money order sorted the total for mine came to $172.

    Can anyone better AP's steal!?

  • <Timex alert!...Timex alert!>

    I think you'll start to see good deals in the next few months as they are bringing out some new products in the Summer.

  • don't know whether i'll get clobbered for customs duty yet...
  • oh god! I forgot about that....what do you reckon the odds are? please say 1 in 100!
  • Sorry guys, but I'm walking around with a smug grin on my face.. thanks to RC, my watch was a 'gift' and no customs had to be paid!
  • someone on another thread reported that it came marked as a watch value $30 and didn't get hit.we'll see.
  • I got hit :( but its still £70 cheaper than uk price :)
  • SteveieBoy - lucky you! I like your smug grin - makes you look just like Wallace from the eponymous Wallace and Gromit cartoon....

    Alex - fingers crossed for you.

    Two Dogs - still a bargain! Excellent!
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