tread mill versus street running

i am a very keen runner who averages about 35 road miles per week,i want to up my mileage but due to commitments cant do much more road running will i still get the same benefits using a treadmill at home..


  • Hi,

    I don't use the treadmill very often 'cos don't really like it. If thats the only way that you are going to up the mileage then I think that it should be ok (though I don't actually know for sure!!)but do more outside than on the treadmill???

  • as long as your doing it in conjuction with your road running you'll be fine, but i couldnt do it, i'd just get up earlier and run for longer but i know its not possible for some people due to family/work commitments
  • Time on the treadmill is still time running - if you can get the time on the tready, why can't you just go out??
  • I've always thought they can be quite useful if you put the gradient up. If you use a mirror they can also be used to help iron out flaws in your technique. Boring as hell though.
  • Apparently you want to put the gradient to at least 1.
    One thing about the treadmill is you heat up if there is not much circulation in the gym. Definitely need some music to beat the boredom.
  • Being doing both for years and find the treadmill keeps up my time out on my legs specially in the winter. I know thats sounds wimpy but staying up in the hills means we can have snow lying for quite a while longer than the towns. I then don't find doing the long runs too exausting when I go back out on the tracks.
  • thankyou all for your advice
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