Sunglasses for running - advice please!


I often run along the beach and have had enough of squinting out the glare from the water. Can anyone give advice on sunglasses? I'm on a budget so keep recommendations cheap!

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Try Boots. They do lots of different styles, including wrap-around ones, at reasonable prices.

  • Mine came from Tchibo for about £3. Next do a good range at reasonable prices as well.
  • DHB triple lense for £24.

    Constantly on my face in summer.
  • I use those for cycling, TT, and they're great but I find they fog up when I run.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm on my secong pair of these. I ran over the first pair with my bike - d'oh! They fog up the least of any I've ever had.
  • try Sunwise - very similar to the DHB ones that TT suggests...........I use the Freefall ones for running and biking - very lightweight
  • MisterW im way to cool to steam my sunnies :)
  • I paid £5 or £6 for my Tchibo wrap-around ones, with 3 sets of interchangeable lenses, UV whatever, own case, string for dangling round neck. Excellent, use them on every run - not just to keep the sun out, but keep dust out of my contact lenses. Only trouble is, is that Tchibo only have them in stock for a couple of weeks at a time maybe twice a year, unless they're available from the website.
  • Thanks all for the help, I don't expect to get much sun here in Aberdeen but your advice will help me with the few rays we do get!
  • I paid a massive £2.50 for mine at Lidl and they come with 3 sets of changeable lenses.... Such a good price I brough 3 pair!
  • I run near the sea as well as dazzling white cliffs. Find sunnies that have polaroid lenses are best.
  • I can vouch for Oakley Half Jackets. Wee bit pricier than the Lidl versions I think.
  • I bought a pair of Adidas ones following advice on here. Main selling point was the fact that they're ventilated so don't steam up.
  • Another who highly recommends Sunwise - Not necessarily the interchangeable ones though. I actually preferred them to my Oakley half jackets, although now currently run in Sun Dogs, which I got on a special.
    Of all three the Sunwise were the best at not steaming up...
  • I'd second the polarised lenses suggestion for cutting glare - invaluable if near water. They don't necessarily cost much, if any, more.
  • Tchibo has sunglasses in stock at the moment. Just order a pair (worth a shot for £4!)
  • I've got the DHB Triples and they haven't let me down yet. Use them for road cycling and MTBing. Not on par with my Oakleys, but great for putting on and forgetting - if they get trashed, not a huge outlay to get another pair.
  • Adidas Climacools. Not cheap at a ton plus but what do you pay for ordinary glasses that fit?

    And OH so comfy, and cooooooooooool.
  • Tesco & Asda 100% uv protection and different styles start at £3.
  • BOING!!

    Come in Rubberducky!, we've got a convoy! lol

    there's shades with interchangeable lenses ni Aldi on Thurs... €3.99 here so prob £2.50 over in the UK?

    I got them last year - well worth it. And if you personally don't like em, what's 2.50 ?!
  • Another fan of Convoy, hurrah!

    We're certainly good at finding bargains here on the forum.

    I actually pushed the boat out last week and bought some from Style Eyes online. They are Birdz make with 4 sets of interchangable lenses,pouch and strap for holding them on all for £15. The main reasons for going for these was that they'll be good for cycling too, and they're polycarbonate lenses and so indestructable (well, we'll see!)
  • ditto for the Aldi ones... same stuff comes with them and they're polycarbonate so Han Solo couldn't escape! I bought 5 pairs last year cos I didn't know the offer would come back again. Lost 1 pair and gave 1 to a mate... glad to still have 3 - I leave one pair in the car and the others get thrown from kit bag to bedroom shelf etc...

    That's a big 10-4 Rubberducky :-)
  • Damn it, you're a better bargain hunter than me!

    Over and out.
  • Had I better get down to Aldi tomorrow evening to catch a pair? Just thinking if the cycling stuff goes as quick as the running gear...
  • I don't know about the cycling gear - but I don't think the glasses sell out as quick cos there's usually so many of them and all the one size compared to a lesser amount per volume of storage space of equipment/clothing.
    That being said, I never take for granted that anything will be left in Aldi - I've seen it with queues outside before it has opened at times!
  • Half Jackets IMHO easily the best but if on a budget they would be a no go. Some of the ALdi/Lidl stuff is chaep but cheerful and a heck of a lot more technical than some of the stuff that was being used a few years ago.
  • I had some rudy project glssses with red lenses. These were great for running & biking as they really picked out the contrast.

    They were about £60 & did their job in protecting my eyes when I face planted skiing last year. I scratched both lenses to bits & snapped the frame but the lenses didn't shatter to thankfully no shards of plastic in my eyes.

    For running I don't think you really need oakleys / rudy project / or the expensive glasses but if you want to use your glasses for cycling / snow sports where you are likely to crash at speed then I think it's worth spending the extra for glasses that should protect your eyes.

    Personally I think adidas does the best stuff - the lenses are great & the frames are designed to snap apart on impact so you can easily put them back together. They are hugely expensive though at well over £100 which is more than I can justify but if you can get them cheap...
  • Been to Aldi this morning, but didn't see any glasses - was there at half nine, they can't have sold out that quick???

    Off to have a look in Lidl, see if anything left...
  • Rubber Ducky, I've got some Bolle Swisher 800. I needed them as my contact lenses get very dry when I'm running. I look like Elvis Costello but I don't care as they are great for protecting against sun, wind and insects. They also work in 'dusk' conditions. Hope this helps
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