I need to purchase a wet suit as I will be attempting the ''open water'' swimming soon. <wibble>

Anyway I have not got a clue as have never ever possessed one.

What sort of thing should I be looking for? And how much is one likely to cost?

I'd rather get one that will see me through now, than upgrade later on.

The thing is we don't have a tri shop near to us here. Could I get one on-line perhaps? If not I'll need to travel but it's not a problem and I can do this if necessary.

I plan on swimming in the open water most weeks and also I'm ''hoping'' to do an olympic triathlon sometime this year in addition to a few other open water type tri's.




  • Best to try them on as diffrent makes have diffrent fits.
    some online may accept returns until one fits?

    You are looking £100 to £350(top of the range bells whistles but does not swim for you)
  • Get 220 this month, has a buyers guide to wetsuits.
  • Day trip up to Yeovil - try some wetsuits on in triuk's endless pool?

    Or maybe pop over to Newquay to talk to Snugg?
  • You could also hire one for the season and then buy one later if you decide to stick at it. Loads of tri shops do rentals.
  • I went to TriUk and tried on wetsuits...they had precisely one in my size. Fortunately it fitted well, but I could very easily have wasted a 2.5 hr each-way journey.

    Moral of the story: ring 'em up and ask what they've got in 'approximately' your size before setting out...
  • If you can try them in the water before you buy then it is worth doing. You can then find one that suits your style of swimming. If I was buying one now I'd go for less bouyancy in the legs.
  • if I was buying one now I'd go for one with a built in outboard!!

    go for a budget/last year's model to start with - use that for a couple of seasons - then upgrade to a better one.........

    that's my plan this year anyway
  • Outboard?

    I think sail in the back is more sporting to the rest of FB :)
  • I blame Hollywood for the fact that I am going up to Triuk first week in April to try and buy a wettie.

    Not sure if I am looking forward to trying it out off Weymouth beach or not. I hate the sea, it's too bloody cold. Do wetties make it feel warmer?
  • They do if you pee in them.

    Scoobs, if you are anywhere near Oxford for a day trip soon, there is a Swim Bike Run store there which does good deals on wetsuits, and which has a wetsuit specialist to advise you.
  • Daniel! Daniel! Here's one without a first post!

  • Scooby - think Snugg at Newquay are the best bet seeing as you're not too far away. Or go for the hire route; TriUK are doing them for £25 for the season.

    Dunno what your question was mind, your first post has vanished
  • Quote

    "IronMelissa - Scoobs, if you are anywhere near Oxford for a day trip soon, there is a Swim Bike Run store there which does good deals on wetsuits, and which has a wetsuit specialist to advise you."

    Not at the moment there isn't. It closed down a while ago. Closest one is in Fulham now. However, I had a chat to the guy in the bike workshop (the Fulham one) there yesterday and he reckons the SBR in Oxford will be reopening soon as soon as they've sorted out a lease problem or something.

    Not very useful for looking for a wetsuit now though I'm afraid.
  • triuk do some good deals, 25pounds to hire one for the season, or yuou can buy last seasons hire ones (probably been worn a handful of times for 50 or 100 depends on the type, they are foor quantum or quantum 2, not the top end of the range but not the bottom either, swimmings my strongest point and they do me fine.

  • Thanks for all responses, my post seems to have reappeared!

    So I guess I need to try a few on then.

    And ring first to check that they have some in the first place.

    I could go to Newquay, Snugg you say, cheers will look them up.

    However have just found out that local bike shop is now stocking tri stuff including wetsuits. Can't remember name of the brand, think it began with an O.

    How are they supposed to feel? Really, really tight, or just tight!

    IronMel - really? so do you pee in yours then? I guess it solves the pit stop problem. But would that not rot them? :0)

    Dustboy - I thought wetsuits kept you warm.

    Guys is this not the case then? Is it still freezing when you get in the water? :0((

    Matt - I am good at sinking! would they be all right for me? Also if I did go down the hire route could I go to Yeovil for this and swim in this pool that Hollywood talks about!

    Dustboy you could swim in this pool too! :0)

  • O = Orca

    they should be tight but not overtight as that will fatigue you more as then you're not just battling the water but also the elasticity of the suit

    wetties do keep you warm in water as the surface layer of water between you and the suit heats up quickly

    and peeing in a wettie is de rigeur - for that lovely warm feeling! and it won't rot neoprene in the volumes and frequency you are likley to be peeing! crapping in a wettie - is something else altogether but not unheard of..........
  • It is not de rigeur to pee in your wetsuit. If you do you smell of pee all day. Icky!

  • nah you don't - you wash it out in the swim!!! I wouldn't do it without the swim to follow..........
  • Tis refershing to have the cheeky wizz has you chat to a fellow athlete in the water noting the current is going towards them:)
  • Snugg will probably make you a made-to-measure one for the same price as you can buy one off the shelf or not much more. I got one from them last year and it was a great purchase.
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