Specialist stores in East Midlands

Am looking for a specialist store to buy running shoes from within 1-2 hours driving distance of Leicester?? Anyone know anywhere reliable??


  • In the RW magazine (page 109 for October issue) there is 'Running Fox' at Loughborough; I've bought my last 2 pairs of shoes from The Derby Runner in Spondon, Derby.
    I hope this helps to get you started.
  • I use Advance performance in peterborough (01733 891202) just off the A47 or The Running Shop in Northampton - see the ad in the back of RW magazine.
  • If its not too late - Advanced Performance in Peterborough which is preety reliable.

    Details in back of RW magazine
  • The Derby Runner are just soooo helpful, and always make time to find the perfect pair of shoes. 10% club discount too, if you're in a running club. They also have a really good range of women's running gear, so my bank account tends to suffer when I go there.

    They're 5 minutes from J. 25 of the M1
  • Realise I may be a tad late - but I can vouch for the Running Fox in Loughborough (and no I don't work for or am connected in any way) they're helpful, friendly, knowledgable and willing to spend any amount of time with you. What I would call old fasihoned service - and yes I do get my shoes from them.
  • Another late one here - the Sutton Runner is in Sutton Coldfield, only about an hour from Leicester. Excellent range of stock, and staff who actually know what they're talking about.
  • Derby Runner are generally good and have a larger stock range than some stores. Bourne Sports are my favourite - the store is huge, loads of helpful staff and loads of bargains - check them out on-line. From Leicester I would guess they're about 1 hour 10 mins away right at the far end of the new A50 (off M1 J24). Worth the extra effort, definitely. And they sponsor this site.
  • Running Fox is the place to go!... it's in loughborough just accross the road from sainsbury's I went a couple of weeks ago and they were great!
    The lady looked at my feet and then got out about five different pairs to try.... the first ones she suggested fitted great and sorted out my wonky foot type thing (i think its called over pro something or othering!!!) which has resulted in reducing the pain in my legs considerably.... all this from looking at my feet!!
  • Never tried the Running Fox but of the others I would say Derby Runner - better than anything else in Derbyshire/Nottm in my experience. No pressure to buy - in fact they try and dissuade you if they think you don't need it - lots of time to give you advice - good range of gear.
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