Friday 23rd March

WardiWardi ✭✭✭
..I'm poor but I'm kind,
I'm short but I'm healthy yeah..

5 miles this morning, 6 miles tonight.

Why: FLM beckons, last chance this next couple of weeks to get big miles in.

Lyrics.. album about 10 years old, big seller for the lady in question. She re-launched it about 2 years ago as an acoustic/unplugged version. Class album but I think I prefer the re-launch actually.


  • Morning...

    I'm up before Xerxes again!

    What: 100 lengths or so this evening?

    Lyrics: of my first CDs - a present from flat mates i think. Must be at least 10 years old...
  • Morning peeps.

    Congratulations to the Internationalists MTB and Ultra.

    Dad of Two:Belated welcome.

    StuartG: A belated well done on your 5k pb.

    BDP: Hope the six goes ok. I instantly thought Club to Toll, 3 laps of Battery Park then along Splash and back to Club !

    What: A 35 min run on a cauld and frosty morning. No wind again. Sun rising as the day was breaking. It was good to be out.

    Have a good one peeps.

    PS: Get well soon Jon Pepper, if you're looking in.

  • Morning from me and my little girl! - Sitting beside me playing "educational" games on the 'pooter.

    What - Depends but certainly another trip to hospital involved.
    Why - No news from hospital yet this morning re little boy - on drip last night to rehydrate & his mummy been with him allthrough though.
    Next run - hopefully before Sunday's HM @ Stafford

    Yesterday's lyrics: Billy Bragg - From A Vauxhall Velox

    She said do these seats fold down
    I said if you pull that handle
    All the time shed been waiting for
    Something with a little more
    And all her mates on the new estates
    Were walking out in confetti and sunshine

    Her mother read her mail
    And her dad was a policeman
    Which I must say worried me
    But some things have just got to be
    So we passed very fast like ships in the night
    Or cars in a contraflow system

    Some people say love is blind
    But I think thats just a bit short-sighted
    Some people just want it now
    It doesnt matter where or how
    Satisfaction takes a second place
    So long as they can get excited

    Today's lyrics - Yes I know them - think I have some of her stuff somewhere, must look later.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I'm off to Windermere today on a pirate training weekend, including two coached swim sessions, the Coniston 14 and a long bike ride. And of course a few sessions in the pub! Back on monday.

    What: 10 mile turbo TT
    Why: schedule
    Last hard: sunday
    Last rest: tuesday

    Have a good weekend all!
  • Morning all

    What; 4.2k middle leg of relay team, 18-01
    Why: Am club team manager so had to be there
    Last hard: today, it was a hilly loop and getting warm (34C)
    Last rest : Yesterday

    DoT: Hugs to your little boy

    Happy running

    Lyrics: Nope
  • morning all,

    DoT - hope your little 'un is on the mend.

    MikeS - not the best start for the cycling! hope you get sorted soon.

    IW - might see you sat then! (I'll be the tall one in the shef RC vest)

    What: nowt / keeping loose
    Why: Coniston tomorrow

    Lyrics: yep
  • morning,

    hope your boy gets out today and feeling better DO2, very worrying

    I/Wifey - sounds like a fab weekend up in windermere, hope you enjoy it. actually it's down in windemere isn't it!

    enjoyed wardi's skiing sign. and i know wardi's lyrics. phew i thought i was going a week on no ideas

    poor mikeS, don't know what you did to deserve this lot but you really get some rotten luck. but you found the evidence of morceli's secret training sessions with livepool harriers ;-)

    AF - looks like you're coming to fruition. like a coiled spring (did you see that detectives episode where louis and dave took the potion in the gym!)

    congrats to matttb on selection, show down with gobi scheduled!

    scobos - enjoyed your report on the training camp, thanks for posting that

    glad K9 is progressing and melli has been spotted
    hope vrap ok after pavement crash

    NZC - maybe take a pillow - may ease the neck on the journey. yes M is mark (my husband), had knee arthroscopy on wednesday.
    thank you for all the well wishes for M - he had a rough day yesterday in bad pain but managed to get a couple of snatches of an hour or so sleep last night so hoping he's turned a corner. feel so sorry for him and i can't do anything to help

    what - still bimbling out a recovery week
    why - taking longer than i expected to get sunday's hilly race out of the legs
    last hard - sunday
    last rest - wednesday

  • Morning all,

    Mike S, you are due to hit a rich vein of good luck soon, surely? Hope you are alright indeed and the bruises cuts heal quickly.
    On that stretch along the river there are quite a lot of markings, aren't there? Used to work in Liverpool regularly and have run along there often and looked across the river assuming you were running over there.

    What: rest
    Why: legs feel yesterday's effort + long race tomorrow
    Last rest: monday
    Last hard: wednesday
    Lyrics: even without extra info (must be dead easy then :-)
  • blimey
    heal well Mike S
    Nrg-glad to hear yourbrother is better-hope FLI is soon out of hospital as well
  • Morning

    Iron Wifey - have a lovely weekend

    Stickless - sorry to hear your doubts about the marathon. Is it too late to change to the half?

    WP - glad the run went well but make sure you look after that cold. My daughter has a real stinker at the mo.

    Scooby - I like the new James Bond aswell

    DoT - Hope your little boy is home soon

    NZC - hate days like that. Isn't Roturua next month?

    What: 7 miles easy
    Why: It makes me happy

    Enjoy the day
  • I know the lyric aswell. Don't know whether to thank my husband or daughter for that!
  • Morning

    Debbo- Enjoy your weekend hope the weather is kind to you all.But sessions in the pub as well :-)

    Dot- Hope your little one can come home soon.

    Mike- Take care

    Stickless- hope it all goes well for you and maybe downgrade to half?

    K9-Good to see you hanging in there

    Happiness- I cant praise Emu Oil enough...I do thank you.....virus has taken hold so I have phoned in sick and will not run as planned today(drat)

    What: Lemsips
    Why; visus

    But Hoping tomorrow I will be better and can ran if not I look forward to Sunday instead:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Well done MtB and Gobi on your call ups. A local female runner is also in that one - she was about 5th overall at Draycote I think.

    MikeS - more bad driving. The same thing happened to me when I was 12 in Beverley. Were you wearing a crash helmet? I don't like to when I'm on my bike - a bit old school but I get told off now:-)

    I've not run for 2 days and I'm seriously contemplating pulling out of FLM. Training has been so hit and miss - one 95 mile week, a few 80s and lots of 70s. This has been due to niggles, trying to start a business etc. etc. I did state a couple of weeks ago I felt I needed one really big week to tell myself I deserve to do well. I look at the training some on here have put in since January with admiration and see the progress they are making. I feel I'm not up there with them.

    If I run at FLM like I ran at East Hull (even allowing for the wind) I'm looking at a 2:50 marathon, which I don't really want to do. The minimum I would want to feel capable of doing would be 2:45 to justify being on the Championship start. I've not run a qualifying time for that since January 2005 so even partly doubt whether I should be there anyway.

    As Wardi and TmR said, it's time to squeeze in the last few big miles now but I can barely manage 5 at a time without the calf hurting badly. If I'd done the training AF has done I'd see my fitness as in the bank and time to rest up, but I haven't, so I don't.

    More massage and ultrasound yesterday and we went to look at the same gym FL goes to last night (he was sitting there watching telly pretending to cycle:-)).

    What I do plan to do is to run what I can without aggravating the situation and put in equivalent time on CV machines to maintain some of what I have. If nothing else I'll get well acquainted with the Cricket World Cup:-).

    If I run I risk the body dropping to bits like it did after 14 miles at Hull. Remember that happening at FLM 2005. Then missed FLM 2006 due to injury. Would hate a hat-trick of failure. I wonder if the BR 2004 vintage will ever reappear or if he submerged himself for good during the streak of 2005...

  • No idea on lyrics
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WP - I am so pleased you have found its helped. Have a good rest today.
  • Morning,

    Thanks for all the congrats. I'm still smiling about the news. Just hope I don't get injured between now and May.

    BR-Think I might be doing a training run or two with Adela.

    What: 5miles am
    Why: Taper
    Last Hard: Feels like all week
    Last Rest: 7 days

    Reading Half for me on Sunday. Race well and enjoy the weekend.
  • BR, you and me both have a calf injury. The difference is my mileage since it happened has been a big zero and it's almost healed. Your problem is you can't really adopt that strategy with the FLM so close. But I'd say don't pull out; go for it. You've a huge stamina base to draw on. What you need is a confidence boost.

    What. One more day of nothing I think.
  • MtB - I meant the 2nd female in the race. Gym bunny club but boy she puts in some good times!
  • BR- Keep your head up. Its only a calf niggle, give it a few days with plenty of stretching. Injuries always feel like they're lasting forever. FLM is only one race, there are plenty of other fast maras about later in the year.
  • Morning folks

    Managed a 6 last night, Birkmyre i wish it had been the club run you mention in fact it was a serious climb up to loch thom, a good workout and no reaction in the foot. Hows your recovery going?

    MikeS - Sue!

    BR - I feel for you its very tricky position you are in. I tend (tended) to ignore injury or run through and up till this year have been lucky. 8 weeks off has convinced me that the only way to get better is to stop running for the appropriate time as early in the injury as possible. Good luck though hope it turns our right for you.

    WP - Hope you feel better soon.
  • MikeS, that sounds like an impressive and alarming collision and I hope your bruises and grazes heal promptly.

    BR, what a difficult decision to have to make! But if you can't run hard for more than 5 miles without pain, easing back further on your training and looking towards another marathon would make sense.

    Today ...

    What: Some sort of speedwork. I'm only paying lip-service to P&D now after having had my training interrupted by life, work and shin-splints, so it'll be what I feel like doing. Which, at the moment, is a 10-miler with 10-12 striders. And no HRM.
    Why: Trying to do one faster session a week.
    Last hard: Wednesday.
    Last rest: 8 days ago.
  • Morning folks.

    BR - I understand how you're feeling but don't be too hasty. I think most of us have the doubts somewhere in there (I certainly have had in the last few weeks). Like you I look back at my own training and compare it to others on here, soon realise I've put in nothing like the quality or the mileage they have over the last 3 months (yourself included), and decide to get positive about my own situation and not worry about that of others. It wasn't too long ago you were running a 1.15-odd (I think) HM...wish I could say the same! Similarly, I'd love to have put in 80-odd mile weeks on a regular basis, but it just hasn't happened. Still, I'll be toeing the line knowing that I've made the absolute best of my own situation and training (it's all we can do) and that I'll put in my best possible effort on the day. If it's not as good as I hoped, so be it...there's always another one to while away the months in training for!

    Looking at AF (apologies AF if I keep bringing you into it!), he's had the consistent streak of training we'd all love to have and to be able to tolerate, but the simple fact is that as human beings most of us can't! It's often frustrating when others can train away unhindered (a 2.31 clubmate seems to have an iron body and can train through anything!), but everyone's that little bit different and has to, from time to time, cut their own cloth to suit.

    Anyway, I've rambled on enough, so I'll just say that I really hope that you can have a few easy days to rest the calf, sharpen up over the next couple of weeks and that you're on that blue start.....and that if I do see you on race day it's in far better circumstances than the last time when we were both experiencing our 2005 FLM meltdown (granted for very different reasons).

    For today...

    What: rest day
    Why: to give the knee/shin a helping hand in its recovery (icing last night definitely seemed to help), with a view to hopefully managing a long one over the weekend

    Have a good day.
  • Another day, another run; woo-hoo !!!

    lyrics: yes.

    DOT, will add to those wishing your little 'un all the best

    MikeS: Car drivers....

    Added to that, a first happened to me yesterday out on a run. A car went by and a few red sticks (like matches) flew out at me. Turns out they were fireworks (bangers) and they went off just behind me. Was a little distracting but as I vented my spleen at the car and give them the finger I didn't think any more of it. Just wondered why someone would bother and why they would have fireworks in March????

    What: 1 mile w/u, 6 miles fartlek (that word still makes me giggle as I'm a child) and 1 mile c/d
    Why: Schedule
    Last hard: Weds
    Last rest: Tues

    Have a good day all,
  • Oh and on the Garmin conversation, have the 301 but would rather pay extra for the HRM. It has bands according to your max and these can be used for all sorts of helpful calculations (esp if doing varying workouts). Wouldn't downgrade at all, brilliant bit of kit

    Just my 0.01p....
  • Morning,

    What: rest
    Why: Friday
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Monday

    I've gone the opposite way to GMI with the Garmin. Bought the 301 for the HRM - very interested in the data it produced, but never actually used it for training! So, decided to ditch it when buying new one and went for 205. Ran with it last night (due to it arriving only 6 hours after I ordered it!) and it seems fine. I think we'll be very happy together. Agree that both are great bits of kit, though.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    lyrics yes! At last..
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning.

    Lyrics, yes. Loads of clues though.

    Imski, wasn't ignoring you yesterday have only just read back. I have AJH on the front of my vest and Mandy on the back, you cant really miss me......but I never seem to meet people I intend to!

    Rest day today as tomorrow I am swimming in South Kensington at 12 (1000m as part of swimathon team) then have to get dressed, sling some food down me (in me would be better) then leg it to Chingford for the Orion 15. It is in my interests to finish the swim asap.

    Should be fun.

    Get better soon all those with niggles or illnesses...or collisions!

    BR, hope things turn out as you want, but I think you do know what the right thing is.

    Dad of Two, hope you get good news about your boy today and he is able to come home.
  • It's Friday!!!

    Mike, I'm outraged on your behalf! Fortunatley my commute takes me along the Wirral Way and if I have to go into the Big Smoke, I drive through the tunnel. Was your bike insured? Is it totally written off? Needless to say I hope everything heals swiftly.

    V-rap: With zero experience of HRMs I'm a clueless numpty, but I just wondered why you're putting in such slow miles now - is it a training thing to want to run at a given (low) HR?

    What: 5 miles d&d
    Why: FoD HM on Sunday
    Last hard: 8 days
    Last rest: 7 days

    Lyrics: Yes! That brings my score this week to 1/7.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Mike - ouch! I've been involved in that sort of accident twice, but at slower speeds. Hope the bruises mend quickly.

    Vrap, know what you mean about HRM. Sorry that shins and real life are conspiring. Grrrr.

    Thanks guys, re my scrappy training and Connemara. I don't see much purpose in degrading even if I could, and the deadline for change of heart was the 1st march. Two reasons: the satisfaction in running a bad half is in fact less than the satisfaction of running a bad full marathon. I shall start with the walkers and walk it if I am nervous about being shouted at for being so disgustingly slow.

    Realistically speaking, are things ever going to get better? I'm 54. This ?/&&&&! thing that has made life so difficult for the last 17 years has shown no real sign of curling up like a hoop and rolling away. I must be a working girl now, if only part time, and that doesn't look like changing. I haven't got stamina, mental or physical, to train harder. If I want to "run" marathons, it's got to be now, and in whatever state of shabby training I find myself.

    It's candle or curse the darkness time. I'll take the candle. I'll tell a tale that I'm a runner and try to believe it.

    The second reason for not degrading? I'm going with my Mr., and he's yorkshire you see.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Scobos, interesting, I didn't see your post before I posted mine. Same story, different ends of the rainbow. It's one of the things I love about running. It's for each of us the struggle to do what we can within the constraints of our lot in life.
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