Garmin (305) HR monitor

I've had my 305 for a couple of months & all has been well, so far. During this week's runs I've noticed some strangely high HR readings. It has gone from low 130s into mid 150s in a matter of seconds on the flat.
Today on a long run i wondered about some of the readings but I was very surprised when towards the end it was in the 160s & 170s when I expected only 140s. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Should I get in touch with Garmin or do I need to keep it for longer & see what happens?


  • Jim - I had some erratic high readings myself, more in the field of the calorie counter.

    Just check you've got latest software patches installed from their online site. Once I'd updated latest patches, all seemed to be fine.
  • thanks daz - I dunno if patches would sort out heart rate readings though?
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