Shoe weight increase = pain?

I'm a couple of weeks into a new pair of Grid Trigon and when I go out for the first couple of miles my shins are quite painfull.

I've weighed them [paranoia has set in!] and each shoe is 2lbs heavier than the previous ones. Will this weight have an effect on my runnning and cause different muscles to have pain? In accepting that how long before the body adapts?

Curious to know from those that know about these things. Or have a similar story they can tell me that ended happily!!

Or would it be more sensible [though costly] to bin them and go for something lighter, after all its a long way 26 miles!?


  • It is more likely because of the difference in the cushioning or support between these and your previous shoes.
  • Are you sure that they are 2lbs heavier ? Thats 1kg i.e a bag of sugar.

    I'm of the opinion, when it comes to shoes, that less is more. I do all my training in racing flats which have very little cushioning or support features. For me this has proved a very effective choice, since I haven't had an injury for over 6 months. Before this I used big fat cushioned shoes (Asics Nimbus) and I suffered several injuries.

    There seems to be a growing opinion amongst runners that this is a better approach, have a look at the following URL's (look for the free book 'Running Fast and Injury Free')
  • Yes it's actually 2oz isn't it!¬ but when I hold that weight in my hand I'd rather not have it on my feet.

    Thanks for those websites, they make some interesting points. Couldn't find Gordon Pirie site but found stuff about his book.

    So what do I deduce, running shoes are over marketed, get something light and without cushion, and I might be OK?!

  • It worked for me, see the 'Gordon Pirie Book' thread under the General forum.

    I wouldn't want to urge anyone else to try it, but its worth pointing out that there are alternative views to the established running press and shoe manufacturers.
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