Niggly Knee after 11-13 miles

Any help greatly appreciated, i've looked through the other threads but couldn't find anything similar so i've start a new one.

I'm currently in marathon training for my 1st ever marathon.

On the longer runs i'm getting a pain in my left knee. When I say pain i don't mean excruciating must stop now, it's more oh
that's a bit annoying i wish it would go away. the pain kicks in at about 11-13 miles, then about 2 miles later on it lessens and numbs a bit. The location is the bottom to centre of the knee cap.

When i stop the pain goes almost immediately and i have no trouble going up or down stairs and no pain afterwards, just the usual bit of stiffness on lots of different body parts! I could run no problem the next day. Also I don't tend to feel the pain on any shorter runs.

The knee has had it's fair share of knocks and bruising from playing football and cricket.

I'm going to start taking some Glucosamine and will probably start getting some nurofen down my neck at 9 miles and see if that helps.

Anyone had anything similar? Do I need to do more streching or some weight on the left leg?



  • look up patellar tendonitis
  • thanks cabletow. kind of sounds like it, but not as serious as they articles describe.

    i'll get a knee strap too and see if that helps.
  • The thing about PT is that it starts mild and slowly builds up. I often find it gets worse in shoes with inadequate support and cushioning, is almost always associated with tight iliotibial bands and weak Vastus medialis.

    You need to work on stretching the ITB and quads as well as Hamstrings and do the exercises to build up the quads especially the VMOs - you will do a lot worse than incorporating two or three runs of several meters backwards into your daily routine and when sitting on the floor with your legs out straight push your knees into the floor.

    Look at your shoes age, and gait analysis and wear your patellar strap all day and for your runs

    Act now and all this will be a distant memory, ignore it and you will need several weeks or months off.
  • Thanks for that. I'll certainly take it on board.

    I don't think it's the shoes that are the problem i'm rotating 2 pairs and both have just over 100 miles done. I think perhaps it's the step up in mileage that is brought it to the fore. I did wear some shoes that were truely shot for a while about 4 months back, which probably hasn't helped.

    The patella strap is on and i'm now sat on the floor with the knees into the floor whilst working on the laptop (do you need to keep your feet on the floor for this?)
  • No try to bend you legs inside out as it were - opush your knees into the floor and get them to lift your heels off the ground
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