Are you inspired by Alex Vero's ambitions, or slightly insulted?



  • Surely, there is less polution now than there was 30 years ago?

    Wouldn't most homes of had a coal fire back then? Pollution from factories etc too.

    We have all this health and safety stuff at work (and home) that surely our general environment has got to better now than it was 30 years ago.

    Or is it down to all the additives in food etc and general contact with chemicals that are deemed as being "safe" in our modern lfe style?

  • But isn't "The Project" now about somebody else (Ben Moreau) not him?
  • I would imagine there are far less people comming into running from a early age. I would imagine most youngsters are more intrested in football/rugby/cricket?
  • The project is now focussed on ben moreau? a young english guy i think ,fantastic runner.

    global warming? are we not in a worse place than we were a while back or is the cutting down on fossil fuels and the like old news from a long time ago? i do agree that not enough younger people are getting in from a young age but at the same time how many young people run cross country at school ? i know its not as usual as a few years back. Is there a right answer or an overall answer for the question? its more a matter of opinion. maybe this could be a start of how do we get youger people into running?

  • "I'm friends with several runners who have come from the heady heights of 3.30 for marathon to about 2.45 for the same distance using hard work and yet holding down a steady job and juggling the busier life that seems to be around at the present, where we have to work around 12hour days just to keep the wolf from the door."

    Fell Liker- this is partly the problem a lot of us had with the documentary immediately. Most of us know a fair few guys like this and I've already given examples of others earlier who started like this and did progress into 2:15 guys over years of hard work. I think the question a lot of us are asking is why aren't these guys who have worked for years to bring their times down working 12 hour days being feted instead of someone who has not yet come close to their marathon times despite focusing on it full time.

    Ben is an absolutely top lad. Truly dedicated to the sport and has been working extremely hard for a number of years and has been rewarded in turn with some fantastic performances including pulling on a GB vest for the world student cross team together with working on a very academically demanding course (well I say that...the time Ben has taken to actually hand his DPhil in has become legendary!).

    Looking forward to more of a focus on this fantastic talent.
  • so you're complaining that a chavbox programme will be made about somebody who doesn't strictly deserve the attention, it based on merit?   christ, have you ever watched the chavbox recently?  it's all soap operas and "celebrities".  hardly shining examples of human endeavour.  in any field.
  • Maybe the showing of this documentary on national tv would give some inspiration to younger or new runners etc? I know for one how motivated i feel by the LM so a documentary may also provide the edge some need to get out running.

    just a passing thought

  • How did this chap get on?
  • Yeah, what was his time? And the other guys he blagged spots for............
  • I looked all over for those sodding 1.72 scale soldiers. Can't get the romans anywhere..............
  • Alex was injured

    The targets are directed at Amsterdam
  • When's that then?

    I hope he gets better

  • is evil alex vero the bloke who dresses like a clown, heinously collects charity money on the way round, but shockingly skips out half the course?

    online forum witch hunts:  not only are they balanced and reasoned, but they have a significant influence on people who actually matter!

  • Nah, he's one of those Turpentine runners. The clowns in the stripey kit.
  • It's funny there was an article in AW about him last week - in there he is a bit of a hero for trying to run a half decent marathon and from going from 4 hours to mid 2:40
  • Anybody who gets under 3 hours is a bit of a hero to me..........
  • i've got it down to 5 seconds
  • oh, are you still talking about running?
  • Running? I thought we were on about sh@gging..........
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Picked this up of a cycling forum - the guy that won the Blackpool Marathon this year is a well known UK cyclist who has just taken up running - did close to 2.30.     Now I know he's coming into it with a high level of fitness but still pretty impressive I think.  
  • Yes, impressive indeed.  That marathon was short though by many accounts...
  • BR,
    Do you have any links to the "many accounts" and how short was it according to this info?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Yes I'd like to know too, if it's significant I want to make sure I get an entry in next year.
  • MM - have a look on the Blackpool thread on events.  There are Garmin readings (which mean nothing in themselves) but also experienced runners analysing their times and smelling a rat.  Also go onto Athletics Data and see how many runners ran significant pbs.

    It's not been proved one way or the other it was short, but there are serious questions about it.

  • Hiily,
    Thanks for the info.

    That's really depressing.

    The last thing you want to hear when you've put your heart and soul into an event such as a marathon is to learn that the organisers couldn't get things sorted enough to produce a course of the right length.

    Still, could've been worse, imagine being Tomas Abyu and missing a slot at Beijing because the Dublin course wasn't ratified!!!!!!!! 

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Don't courses have to get some kind of official ratification prior to the event ? 
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Well, regardless of whether the course was long or short, he still *won*    (which is what counts, after all).  Before anyone belittles his achievement, perhaps they should look at the (previous) pbs/standard of the people he beat to see if his achievement is of note... CBA to spend too long looking but I see third placed Tony Hazell has run a 1.15 half marathon (finished Blackpool in 2:36), so not a completely useless runner.
  • LizzyB,
    Long time, no speak.
    Sorry but I totally disagree.
    Can't imagine that I'd ever be bragging that I once won a 26.1M race.
    Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

    Frankly, I'd be furious and I'd be seeking a refund from the organisers.

  • LizzyB - no one is belittling his achievement in winning handsomely.  The point I was making was that the course was short.  I know the runner you mention quite well and have raced against him on many occasions.  I generally beat him in road races - so yes, a good standard club athlete and one of the people MM says would have trained hard and been robbed of what would be a fantastic time for him.

    I believe I said the winner's performance was impressive, coming from no running background and winning a decent standard marathon.  I just wanted to point out the times are suspect.

  • Re. Dublin - I knew there was something suspect about that course - I made it about 20 mins too longimage
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