Having run the Coniston 14,I developed pain ful blisters over the balls of my feet.Do I chuck the trainers in the bin?(tempting at present)or persevere and build up milage and wear them in better?They are only afew weeks old but I have run anumber of times in them,just not 14 miles.I had decent socks on too.


  • Melbow - I usually gradually increase distance in new trainers.
    (Obviously, you can increase faster if you're getting mild/no blister probs.)
    By increasing slowly you ensure that you only get "latent" blisters near the end of the run.
    You then get a "double-whammy" effect of gradually wearing the shoes in AND wearing your feet in (i.e. hard pads of skin will form in all the right places, thus naturally protecting against blisters over slightly longer distances)
    If you find that you can't increase distance much at all without the shoes ripping your feet to shreds, then, yes, get rid!
    Hope this helps/makes sense...?
  • I buy all my shoes online, so never try them on in advance.

    I also chop/change brand/model depending on what's cheapest/which exact pair of shoes are going for a song on eBay etc.

    Some are fine out of the box, some have needed a bit of careful wearing in.
  • just had a run out in my off-roaders.Finally had a club run on the hills and forgot how much better it is than tarmac-for feet and joints.think I'll stick to this .Dont thnk I'll be doing so far on road for afew months thank goodness
  • Are you asking me?

    Daz summarised my experiences.
    I've normally got leather feet, but have recently identified that my racing shoes make the ball joints ache after a HM. last 26 I did resulted in podge blisters. ouch.

    Now I need new shoes. Oh dear.

    Suggest only use the newest shoes for a little bit on alternate weeks until they have broken your feet in.
  • Hi Melbow

    My last pair of shoes gave me blisters from day one. I tried changing my socks. Eventually i thought it was something i would have to live with, as i was increasing mileage at the time. Then... I changed my shoes to a different brand. Not a trace of a blister since! Might be worth a try for you. I have been told that the 'anti blister' socks will definitely work, so if they don't (they didn't for me), it's your shoes causing the problem. Good luck!
  • I didn't get new shoes.

    Now I've got to hope that I survive London. I'll buy replacements at the Expo, but I'm not a total loon head, and they will have to stay new for a week after that.
  • i run in kayano 12 as got them cheap of net and have been comfoatable though after a while they have started to bruise my toenails...

    has anyon eelse found tha after a while you shoes seem too small for you.
  • I reckon blisters on the ball of the feet are a bit different to other blisters. For one thing they are under the sole which should be tough (and makes them extra deep and painful...). For another since they are against a flat surface in your shoe (unless something's drastically wrong with the shoe!) it's not going to be caused by rubbing on a rough patch.

    Possible causes I've unearthed in the course of research and unfortunate experiences...

    A bit of fluff in the sock. Check your socks really carefully!
    Walking ultra distances rather than running.
    Slipping around in shoes that are a bit loose.
    Bad gait (causing extra slippage)

    I've also had them in the past from walking long distances in some pretty hard-soled shoes. Doubt that explains this example!

    For now, if they haven't gone down pierce the blisters at the ends front and back to stop them growing when you walk on them. Keep the callous on as long as possible, but trim off any ridges or raised edges: there's a danger of them causing new iritation and an even deeper blister underneath.

    There's a recent thread I started on this subject, I'll bump it for you.

    PS: I'm not a medical proffesional, just a sufferer!
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