SIS Go Gel

I took 4 of these at the Reading Half Marathon, and now have chronic diorreah - is there a link I wonder??


  • I used 4 for the marathon last year and was fine. Wouldn't use them on a half though.
  • 4 on a 1/2?? I agree with Prawnie - you don't really need them for a 1/2 imho....

    don't think you can draw any conclusion from one race either - you need to establish that it's a regular occurrence
  • Dagnamit, so I took far too many then??
  • and i assume you hadn't tried this out before the race....

    you live & learn ;-)
  • Yeah I had tried them out. But I didn't get the feckin SHITS before..

    this thread is utter shite anyway, why bother?
  • ooo - touchy.....

    so - if you'd tried them out - how many had you taken and over what distance??? and did you get the shits?? and was it a race??

    it's not necessarily true that you took too many, but I think most of us would say you don't NEED to take 4 on a 1/2 and many of us (me included) wouldn't bother at all as you should have enough stored glycogen to do a 1/2 provided you keep hydrated....

    and don't assume on the basis of one experience of the shits that the gels are to blame - if it was a regular occurence when you take them, then yes, I would suggest a pattern but on the basis of info so far - not enough info!

  • and - reading this again - you ran the 1/2 on Sunday and you posted about the problem today, Tuesday.........

    usually gel associated shites will hit you either during or soon after a race - so if you only started overnight, I would suggest another cause............
  • I take two during half marathon races and have acheived PBs in each of them! I probably don't need them, but they do help me psychologically.

    Horse for courses, everyone is different.

    Never got the 'two-bobs' from SIS ones though. ;-)
  • AHA - So there is such a thing as "gel associated shites" then?
  • I'll rephrase that:

    Never got the 'two-bobs' from ANY gels, though (inc. SIS).
  • yes greedo there is - but as said - more info needed..........
  • OK Fat Buddha - the most I'd taken before was 2 on a 15k run with a mate.

    I'm not sure they do that much, and it says on the pack you can take 3 an hour.., so I wasn't overdosing...

    The squitola's began within 24 hours.

    I think the crapping shit splashes I've got are related to the way that these gels dick around with your salt/mineral levels...?
  • "I'm not sure they do that much" - lots of people say similar so you may decide to drop them for anything up to a 1/2.........I use them on long bikes/marathons as I tolerate them well and they help me.........

    I'm still not convinced it's the gels as it's only happened once - although it maybe.........and SiS tend to be amongst the most tolerated of all gels out there. it's not so much messing about with your system, it's more usually related to gut tolerance under physical stress

    try them again under similar circumstances and keep a bog roll handy - if it happens again, then I could suggest it's the gels!!!

    happy crapping
  • HAPPY Crapping?

    The closest I got to happy whilst squirting my soul into it's porcelain grave was realising that I HADN'T actually pushed out a fricking kidney..

    I was lucky to leave the bathroom with my vital organs.

    Happy Crapping?
    NOT fecking possible Buddha, not possible...
    Maybe it was bad Kharma ?
  • Greedo - I thought Han got you in the cantina? What are you doing still crapping?

    Also - did you really shoot first or is Solo a dirty scoundrel?
  • Hans Solo is a dirty scoundrel, it looked fatal in the movie, but I ran off.
  • erm, Sorry
  • that sort of crapping sounds like a bug not gel related - that's usually over quickly..........

    [hands Greedo some sandpaper - sorry, aloe vera bog paper...........]

  • Thanks to everyone for helping me through what has been a very tough time.

    I would never have been able to survive his tragic experience if Runner's world hadn't produced such an excellent source for diagnosis and prognosis of the vicious condition of the squit-ola's.

    I can also confirm that SIS GO Gels appear to have had no impact on my "durschvalt" and that I had, instead, caught a bug. I hereby endorse the product as "squit-free"
  • Hurrah!
  • ha - thought so............

  • I swear by these gels in a marathon and touch wood have never been hit by the trots. Also means I don't have to take in so much fluid as no water is needed with them, so less p*** stops!
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