The Last long run When and how far?

Dear All,

Well we are all nearly there! This is my first marathon. I have had a good training programme, I have had a setback with ITBS which put me three/four weeks back. I am up to 15 miles long run last Sunday - 25/03/07. I want to run 18 this weekend and 20 week after. That takes me to two weeks before race. Should I be ok to have a last long run two weeks before the race?



  • David,
    Have a read back over the First Timer thread. Rio gave some good advice to us vrgins there. I've done 20 and doing 18 tomorrow. Then 12, then 6. The advice is to taper 3 weeks out, so 20 next week would be too close.
  • David.-

    Some people prefer a 3 week taper and some a 2.-
    (I think the RW marathon schedules from last year used 2 week.)
    Personally, I find that the 2 week isn't quite long enough- Especially if the last long run is going to be the furthest you've ever gone.

  • david
    i did 20 last sunday and have already started to taper
    I wouldnt do 2 long runs back to back so close to the race especially as you have had injury issues
    perhaps just do 18-20 this week, then 13-15 the following week
  • David,
    I too will only be doing a two week taper. Can you not run 20 miles this weekend and 18 next weekend?

    I will be doing 4hrs this weekend and 3.30 next weekend.
  • I've tried to hold it steady at 18 - 20 miles for the past month or so
    18 offroad (hilly)
    18 road/canalside
    20 road
    14 road
    20 road race (Ashby 20)
    14 offroad (last week)

    22 this weekend
    12 next weekend
    6 - 10 final weekend
  • Hey David.
    My training has not gone as well as planned so I only have one 15 miler under my belt, plus 3 12-13 milers. I was planning to do 2 longer runs in the last few weeks, but all advice I have been given is to make this weekend the longest. So I am going for 20 miles this weekend and will then taper.

  • Thanks for all the advice, Im gonna make this weekend the longest and last run of 20. I will be thinking of ya jim.
    I want to take this opportunity of wishing everyone the very best on 22nd April 2007
  • go well David - I'm not sure looking at these forum threads helps my confidence. Everyone seems to have done far more training and are much better prepared than me. I have one marathon under my belt (Edinburgh 2005 - 4.36)but for some reason this one is messing with my mind far more. Can I do it? Guess we'll see on the 22nd!!

  • Jim, You, we) can do it! Its as much a mental game as well. Im running for help the Hospices, bright yellow vest and number 39605. Look out for me
  • david
    i am running for the hospice I work at
    have a good run

  • That's great jellybabe, I hoping to raise at least £1600.00 for UK hospices


  • Well, I did a 18 miles on Sunday in 2 hours and 36 mins. So hopefully on for a sub 4.00.

    Following everyones advice, im takng a 12-15 this weekend coming and then half again the week before.
    the training has been hard and long at times and lonely but all worth it and now the exitement is setting in for the big day. ALL THE VERY BEST TO EVERYONE and most of all enjoy!

  • Hey David
    Well done - thats a great time for 18 miles.
    I did 20 yesterday in 3.10 - long, painful, but a great boost to confidence. I aim to do 15-16 this weekend and then 8 the following
    Enjoy the day - what start are you on?

  • RED START 39605 Help the Hospices. I will look out for you
  • Well two weeks to go on sunday and starting to feel nervous - not sure what to run this monday, was going for 16-18 miles, then week before 13 miles. Also do a couple in week now cutting back to a 7 mile tonight and was 5 mile tues. Any advise greatly received.
    Good luck to everyone - is anyone else nervous?
  • I will just add been training hard from January, and ran 4 halfs last year, ran staffs20 (20 miles on 11th march), ran quite a few 16,17 and 18 milers and one 19.5miles before the 20 miles.
  • I have had a late entry into the Berlin Marathon and have really been training for about the last 6-8 weeks. I have done my long run before last weekend whihc equated to 2hrs and fifteen over some pretty hilly areas in Ireland and found that quite gruelling, followed by a very quickish 50 mins on the treadmill last wekend . Whilst I have done a Marathon before I am still hopeful that this will be enough this time round. I am pretty active and do cycling as well. The other thing I have been told is that it is not milage that is important but time built up. Any comments on either would be welcome! 
  • Hi David

    It was just over half a Marathon and was by all sense and purposes tough which was good. I reckon I did the equivelant of about 2 and a half hours maybe a b it more if it was flat all round so I will have to find out about that. 

  •  Great thread, I'm in about the same situation. Two taper or not two taper? Managed 16 miles on Monday no problem (usually a Sunday run but moved to Monday). Did a tough hill run on Wednesday and a late 6 miler steady-quick on Friday. I'm doing the Toronto marathon in three weeks (19/10) so today was all geared up for my final big run. Unfortunately I fell flat and felt I had nothing left in the tank, only managed 12 miles image

    So needless to say I am very frsutrated/ worried. Don't know why my performance was down, maybe overtraining? I wanted the reassurance of getting a 20 Miler under my belt. Now, I don't know whether to go for the 20 miler next Sunday or start tapering now. Can anyone please advise?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • I think I just answered you over in beginners...
  • Have started training for half marathon in early April. Aiming for 1:30. Last long run, when, how far?
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