What would you do if .....

Right picture the scene, youngest blob of mercury is has just been coaxed/dragged down from a tree that he's been up for 1/4 of an hour, myself Mrs M and oldest blob of M are walking back to the house when all of a sudden ballistic Bod the sister inlaws mutan boyfriend explodes round the corner
Apparently whilst up a tree my youngest also found time to ( unbeknownst to us ) go roud the back of some houses and have a scrap with his son. ( and i thought time travel was dead !) anyway to cut a longs story etc....After much postulating / finger poking pushing and threatning both from him and sister in law he finally sloped off ( hopefully in search of some toothpaste )bleurgh) so eventually I got Mrs M et al intot the house, called the police and after they went to "have a word" took the family to my Mums for the rest of the weekend.

Question is what would anyone else do in the same situation, we're not talking about a playground fight here and I'm pretty sure he wasnt keeping his hand in his pocket 'cos he was worried about loosing some loose change...


  • Some interesting relatives mate. You obviously handled it well as a) No figth started and b) You were still able to stand your ground.
    Well done.
    Beer deserved here.
    Bet you aren't holding your breath till the apology arrives.
  • Hope you are all alright now. I suppose this means that your son 'won' the scrap with the other boy? Perhaps it's time to take the whole family on a training run?

    On a more serious note, I would have done the exact same thing as you did. Although I think I would have gone inside the instant the pushing started.

    Stay brave!
  • Thanx both, on a slighty less serious note , I was meant to be going out that night to a reunion and not long after the trouble my brother turned up quickly followed by a mate from school, they are both rather bigger than me ( not being runners u see ) and apparently matey boy thought his number was up !!
  • Excellent!
  • I know hoe you feel, we caught some junior thugs cutting the fuel line on a neighbours car on Friday and then found out that they'd been at this kind of thing for a period of 2 weeks in our street,then on Sunday night they broke into my car, and the same neighbour's on Saturday, the fire service had to come out to wash all the leaked petrol away, which is probably what finally shamed the police into calling round. But we all know nothing will be done and any threatening behaviour on our part will only escalate the whole thing. I get so pissed off and am out checking the cars at 6 am, when I should still be asleep!
  • Time to buy a really nasty breed of dog and let him sleep outside...
  • That's the conclusion I came to.
  • Why do people choose to live their lives like this?
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