I would say I am fit (ish) I can run half mara in 2hr 11 mins less in good conditions and can do 5k in 24 mins so am obviously not elite ! but wouldnt say unfit either............... why dont i look fit then? am i not as fit as i think? I wonder as I feel a bit embarrased going out cause people must look at me and think she is too big to run that distance?


  • At the superbly elite top people conform more to what most people see as the running shape. I'm a wee bit slower than you but not much, but in races I often have people fly past me who are much bigger or much older than me, people who carry on plodding when I have to walk. Shape is no indicator of how good a runner peeps may be. Some of the old vets can be fiendishly fast!! Some bigger people have great endurance. All means nothing. Dont worry what anyone thinks. Most likely they don't think anything negative anyway. :-)
  • Thanks Namaste, I find it weird that I dont think I looked toned at all! I have my dads legs but his r smaller than mine! lol!
  • Many people have a slighly distorted perception of their own body shape. My running pal is the same... she'll complain about being big and when I ask to point someone out who looks like her shape she'll pick someone much bigger. Its not just attention seeking she's just genuinely a bit of a skewed idea of her own shape.
  • thats interesting, i never feel able to compare my shape to anyone other than a man as i do have a manly shape but i have big basookas to top it all off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 but my legs are so my dads! so i am a very odd shape!
  • we come in all shapes, none odder than others hun! x
  • you and me both runningrunning. Just remember that you must be much fitter than the majority of the population to achieve the results you mention at the start. I try to remind myself of that when I feel rubbish! xx
  • RaquelRaquel ✭✭✭
    Remember runningrunning, if people look at you they're probably wishing they were fit and healthy enough to do what you're doing.

    As Namaste says, we often have a distorted image of ourselves. I've had real issues with various bits of my body over the years but I've gradually got better at seing myself as a whole, which is how other people see you.

    I nearly lost one of my legs through illness as a child so when I start worrying about their size/shape I remind myself of how lucky I am just to have two legs which work ok. I'm far from perfect but I'm doing my best with what I've got !

    Have you got a trusted friend/relative who could point out all the positive things about your body ? It might be quite a revelation !xx
  • runninggruning
    blokes have the same problems! I now of men tha can sub 1.40 a 1/2 mara and have a rather large beer belly to push along!

    Don't worry us blokes are only looking at you "big basookas" :)
  • oh Tri,trust you... ;-)
  • thanks guys i feel better now! I will embrace the man legs and basookas! lol
  • could i just ask what is grunning?
  • or gruning even? (your previous post?)
  • Im fat and I run marathons
    sod what anyone else thinks

    but thats your issue isnt it-what others think

    hard one to get rid of, I know
  • Grunning is surely a form of running and growling?!! lol
  • or grunting & running? ;-)
  • RunningRunning - you should not care less what anyone else thinks.

    You perform better than you think people think you should - so what?

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