Supporters getting back from the start

To anyone who's done FLM before -
How do all the loyal friends and family who have gone along to the start, get back to watch along the way or get back to the finish ? Do the trains to Maze Hill etc run as regularly back in the other direction ?
How full/busy is the DLR if you're trying to get back towards Docklands ? Or do the friends/family generally not go to the start ?
And what is the best way to try and meet up afterwards - the A-Z meeting points ?



  • Hi Capricorn,

    I am a first time runner at this year's FLM but have been a spectator in the past.

    Generally it is not a good idea for friends and family to be at the start. Better to catch up with them later.

    The DLR will be busy most of the day with people to-ing and fro-ing but trains are very frequent. Just don't expect to get a seat!

    The A-Z meeting points are the best place to get together after the finish. Just be aware that because of the way the Mall is fenced off it takes spectators while to get right up to the top - probably about the time it will take you to collect your kit.

  • Last year I went with my boyfriend to the green start then walked from there to Greenwich and caught the DLR to Docklands.
    The trains going back into town should be pretty regular if you want to go back that way - it will be a normal Sunday timetable.
    I was going out to Docklands pretty early as I wanted to see the elite atheletes go past so the DLR was pretty quiet.

    Afterwards I met him at his charity reception place but if that's not an option then the A-Z meeting points are a good place to meet.
  • If you want to go from Greenwich to Docklands you might want to consider taking the Greenwhich foot tunnel. I don't know how crowded it gets (probably pretty crowded I think...) but I believe they make it Northwards only on the day? Also a bit of a climb if the lifts aren't working. But something touristy to fit in on the day! LOL
  • capricorn, your supporters can watch you at start then walk thru greenwich park and should arrive around cutty sark before you, then thru foot tunnel to west ferry road (16ishmiles)dlr from island gardens to tower gateway (22miles) then circle/district line tube to embankment(25mile) thenthey can walk thru to the top of st james park and meet you by the a-z boards. sounds easy but they will have a fair bit of work as my wife found out in 2004 when she used this route. best of luck
  • dave is spot on.... but it also depends on your target time Capricorn. If you're 3-3:15, then it can get quite tight for spectators to get from 20/22 miles to the finish on public transport before you run there !!
  • tbh - don't bother going to the start as the chances are you won't be able to see them....

    just make your way to Cutty Sark and get a spot early as it does get very busy and some charities have reserved areas which is a pain.........make sure you get onto the Greenwich Foot Tunnel side to make life easier after your runner has gone past.......

    walk through the foot tunnel (it is northbound only on the day) and make your way to Mile 17 - Mudchute (maybe a 20/25 min walk from CS) where there will be a forum supporters spot near the DLR station

    DLR and tube to the Embankment and make your way to Birdcage Walk/St James Park - it will be very crowded but be partient and you'll get a spot by the barriers as people move off when their runners have gone by............

    meet at the A-Z boards after

    easy peasy - if hectic!

    PS - don't expect a great mobile signal at the finish as everyone is trying to make contact with each other!!
  • Is the foot tunnel really northbound on the day?

    I live in docklands pretty much opposite Cutty Sark, and was planning on walking to the start from home as it is only a 15 min stroll to Greenwich.

    Am I going to have to get the DLR to go one stop? Perhaps they will only make it northbound later on.

  • Is it possible for my hubby to be with me at the start if I am at the edge of teh pen then I can give him my coat at the last minute?
  • I think spectating at the Cutty Sark is limited this year as they are doing up the area. That's what it says in the FLM mag anyway.
  • The foot tunnel is north only between 10am and Noon.

    As a result of the work to the Clipper, the Cutty Sark area has limited capacity this year.
  • Morning Nick glad your out there. Hope all is going well for "The Team"
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