Ankle hatred??

I have an ankle problem which I feel stupid asking about but here goes!

My left leg must hate my right because when I ran yesterdayI kept kicking my right ankle and over 9 miles Xcountry I really gave it some grief. The right seems to want to retaliate but is less accurate, (seen from muddy marks on socks but no pain)I have to really concentrate to avoid it which is taking some of the fun out of running not to mention the pain and blood loss.

This all started a couple of weeks ago and it's silly I know but anybody any ideas why I am doing this all of a sudden?

Cheers CN


  • Hello, I have the same problem as you. I hit my left ankle as i run. I've only just started doing it though. I'm not sure why i do it wheather its the trainers i wear or not. Does it make your ankle hurt when you do it?

  • I have the smae problem - kicking my left ankle, which makes it bleed.

    I tend to be a bit of an on-off runner, and generally find it a problem when I restart running (have a scab right now!). It seems to be that I "flick" my foot as I run. Once I get stronger, I just seem to run more smoothly and I don't seem to do it. Either that or the skin toughens up, though I don't think it's that.

    Some trainers are wider than others, so if you've changed shoes recently that may explain it, or some off roaders seem to have sticky out bits there to increase grip.
  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭
    I have an ankle problem all of my own. I turned my ankle 5 weeks ago which laid me off running for four weeks. Did two 5 milers last six days and ran this morning and got 600m before having to stop with ankle pain. Am I finished as a runner?
  • Jason - I wouldn't have thought so. I turned my ankle really badly a number of years ago. I just moved school, and got into the football team. Every time I played it swelled up like a balloon. For a few years afterwards it used to click (just like the sound you get if your lace comes undone and slaps on the ground) every step for about a mile, and would then settle down. It was really embarassing in races! It's still a bit weak, and I'm more likely to go over on it. I find if I gradually build up off-road running it strengthens it, though of course there's more risk of going over on it whilst doing that.

    Sprains can be really bad. I'd take it really easy getting back into training. Try to find a smooth off road surface to run on which will reduce impact stress - some grassy parkland would be ideal. You should also make sure you do some stretches to ensure you don't lose mobility in the joint. When I had another bad ankle sprain more recently my physio also had me doing stuff on a wobble board to get the proprioreceptors? working again and build muscle strength. You can buy them or make your own - various websites tell you how.
  • Jason you just need to do some ankle strengthening exercises, the simplest is just to stand on one leg for 30 seconds and repeat a couple of times, if you close your eyes as well then you will feel your ankle ligaments working for you can keep your balance.
  • Clearly Nuts I have been known to knock my ankles ocasionally when out running and its not that comfortable, usually happens if I am tired at the end of a long run. Have you had your gait analysed?
  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭
    I wonder if it is my new running shoes (NB 1061's). After being in for a couple of hours, there is virtually no pain or ache in my ankle. Even if i rise to walk away before it was a bit if an ache but at this moment nothing much. I am perplexed. I almost feel as though I can go out again.
    Been to the doc about this, went to hospital originally and they all tell me theer is no damage apart from bruising.
  • Happened to me too, When I was training in January for FLM. Sorted itself out though. Weird though hey!
  • Hi,

    New to the forums, and glad to see other people kick themselves while running. I used to do it when walking as well, tho' don't seem to do it now. I'm a bit of an on-off runner, but finally signed up to something serious (Rotterdam Marathon) so will see if it gets any better as I carry on.


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