Mornin' all...

Hello everyone,

Just returned after hols in the sun. Nicely tanned and relaxed. Only ran twice (if you can call it running). Too bloody hot.

Anyway, nice to be back. Lots of new piccies, courtesy, it seems of the finally revealed BlueKnees. About time Mike!!

Any chance of an update to save me trawling through all the recent correspondence?

All the best,



  • Morning RB
    Welcome back.
  • Hi RB

    Good to have you back. Glad you had a good holiday.

    Lots of chat as usual. Were you here when Snoop revealed his sneaking habit ? Lots of Forumites are doing the Windsor half but no one's yet decided where we're meeting afterwards - nor have they organised a stretcher for me which I find rather worrying...

    On the other hand there's always the "Why is it so quiet in here" thread. It has been a bit quieter than usual but I put it down to lack of new TV shockers and your absence :O)

    Get posting
  • Hello Barkles and DD,

    Thanks for the update.

    Looking forward to Windsor. It should be pretty crowded with so many of us going. I see nobody can decide yet where to meet up.

    Just read about Cath on another thread. I hope she's going to be OK.

    It DOES seem a little quiet but the holiday season is almost over so I guess a few more will be back posting soon.

    All the best,
  • Welcome back RB, glad you had a nice hol.

    The week on the forum:

    Achilles' marathon training has everyone dumbstruck.
    Mercury encounters neighbour from hell.
    Hilly gets a PB.
    Barkles goes swimming and joins a running club.
    Vrap back and giving all shirkers and would-be dieters a reality check.
    Lots of racing and racing successes.
    HRMs: essential training tool or complete waste of space? - the debate rages on.
    Celebrity Desert island - who's slagging of who on the forum.
    Triathletes and spartathletes compare training making the rest of us feel totally lazy.
    Parents and teenagers: why they will always live on different planets.
    Running shoes are bad for your feet.
    Nobody likes orange flavour Lucozade Sport.
    Best intervals and recoveries - the forum speed guys compare notes.
    Forum photo album coming along nicely.

    On a more sombre note, read Cath's Staying Healthy thread.

  • Welcome back RB.

    Bring back some sanity please!
  • RB... Ignore our sanity craving friend! Up the revolution!
  • Don't ex[ect much in the way of sanity from me!!!!


    Thanks for the update but where can I find all these stories.

    What's Achilles doing for instance?
    Nobody has EVER liked orange LS
    Nice to have VRap back. I love her mix of good advice goos humour and she takes no nonsense..
    What's a 'spartathlete'??
  • What ever happened to the bloody EDIT FUNCTION!!!! 'goos humour'??? What's that - poultry jokes???
  • Hmmm... was tempted to mention something about male chickens then... But I won't!

    wasn't going to be directed at anyone, just thought it might be amusing! Just thought I'd drop that one in!
  • Come on Ratbag, seriously now, telling you how to use the forum would be like taking coals to Newcastle. Just get browsing!
  • OK Laura.

    I'll get browsing.

    BTW, when are you going to be in a position to meet some other forumites at a race??

    Sure you can't get down South or does it give you a nose bleed??

  • Same distance both ways, RB :-)
  • Touche. Thanks for the reminder V-Rap.

    However, I have already told Laura that I'll get oop North for the Helsby 1/2 early next year. Just looking for a little quid pro quo.

    BTW when are we likely to see you're carnivorous form at one of these bashes??

    You are from somewhere in the South aren't you?

    All the best,

  • RB, I'm FROM somewhere that's only "south" relative to where Nessie and Superted live. I'm exiled in Birmingham, which I understand is neither north nor south, and I shall next be tearing flesh (though only my own, alas) at the Great North Run. Followed, all being well, by the Bath half in March and maybe London next year if the ballot permits.

    Not promising that you'll SEE me, though. I'm only a very small example of my species. But I shall see you...

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • welcome back RB, hols and the new forum have probably slowed folks down from posting. BUt there are lots of new forumites around. I reckon more new names in august whilst I was on hols than in the previous 3 months together.


  • Hello sfh,

    You're probably right, there are a lot of new names. Looking forward to a bit more action on the forums in the coming months. Just hope there isn't a BB4. Can't stand it!


    My apologies for forgetting that your a Midlander (is that a correct expression?).

    I'm now living in Banbury, which isn't a million miles from you.

    Shame that the GNR stops you doing Windsor.

    It's a long time 'til FLM. Maybe you can sneak in another race before then.

    Hope you don't tear anything at the GNR though!!

    All the best,

  • OK, RB, challenge me. Anything good going on down your way between the end of October and the end of February? I will if you will...

    (Small print - on condition that you come up to this part of the world for the Shakespeare Marathon if you don't do London next year.)

    Cheers, V-rap.

  • OK, V-Rap.

    It's a deal.

    I'll find a race for you.

    I guess a 1/2 would do the trick? We might even get a bunch of forumites together.

    The Shakespeare Marathon is practically local for me so no problem. I still hope to do the FLM though.

    All the best,

  • Excuse me, had to go and get a hankie, my nose started bleeding at the very thought of going south.

    Please may I butt in at this point before you go any further and say:
    Helsby may be North but if you really want to sample a different latitude you'll all come and do Coniston 14 next March, it's timed to be 3 weeks before London usually. Great run, perfect for a weekend in the Lakes, good pubs, Donald Campbell's body has been removed from the lake (though there may be one or two exhausted runners who couldn't make it all the way around).
    I'm planning to go on about this almost as much as SB mentioned Lausanne.
  • A half would do very nicely, RB. othing bigger, please! And, Laura, I might well decide to forego Bath in favour of Coniston in March. I love your part of the country so much! And if I can get there, so can the southern Scotland contingent.
  • A half would do very nicely, RB. Nothing bigger, please! And, Laura, I might well decide to forego Bath in favour of Coniston in March. I love your part of the country so much! And if I can get there, so can the southern Scotland contingent.
  • Oh, blast! In trying to do a sneaky bit of editing, I seem to have managed to double-post. Sorry! Looking at some of the errors in my posts, nobody would believe that there are large corporations out there that pay me to write.
  • Laura,

    Give me a break!!!

    As far as I'm concerned, Helsby IS the frozen North!!!

    Anyway, I quite like the sound of Coniston. Maybe make a weekend of it. I'll certainly give it some consideration.


    Watch this space and I'll try to find a 10 mile or 1/2 some time in Jan / Feb.

    All the best,

  • This conniston jaunt sounds intriguing - info please - is it flat or uppy downy? Oh and the relevance of Donald Campells exhumation? ( actually you can't be exhumed from water can you - it must be derived from humous meaning soil?)
    Linguists please advise.
  • Excuse me for butting in, but I've a question for Barkles. You posted a few weeks back saying you were off to join your local running club. I've done a quick search and can't find anything about how you got on.

    How did it go?
  • exhumation means out of the hummus - the greek paste made from chickpeas
  • Thats why it tastes like dung.
  • Neil Runs

    Yes I went and it was fine- I'll go back so thats OK. They were very welcoming and supportive - created a little group just for me so I could settle in.
    Not sure about this week's offering tho - it's their ,mile time trials,and while I am running again, there's not much speed there yet.
  • You started it Ratbag.

    Barkles, surely you've heard of Donald Campbell's demise in trying to break the world speed record on Coniston Water? Relevance to the race: absolutely none, it was just a little snippet so you can show you know your essential Coniston history when you come up. Bugger all to do with hummus.
    About the race, if we must talk about running; it's an undulating course around the lake, very pretty and the second half on the smaller lakeside lane with little traffic. The worst hills are towards the end
  • The Old man of Coniston... Went up it once... Bloody windy, bloody cold! remember seeing someone peeing against the windbreaker at the top so don't lean against it!!!
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