Mornin' all...



  • Laura
    You know my reticence to talk about running on this forum!
    This race sounds slightly fascinating tho,who to contact?
    Then O could be known as the old man of Coniston and Jon's mate could come and pee against me.
    I think I must be ill.
  • I think so too
  • So long as they didn't pee against the wind Jon. Barkles, shouldn't you be worrying about the next Ofsted instead of being on the forum fantasising about being a lamp post?
    Contact details: it's early days, the race is on the 22/3. It was in RW 'Best 100 races' league table this year.

    Got an address: Coniston 14, Atkinson Ground, Coniston, Cumbria, LA21 8AE
  • Ofsted ah! natures answer to laxative.
    Cruel is what you are.
  • Barkles,

    Couple of weeks ago, I phoned my local running club to let them know I'd be coming along to join them for a slow jog. Their reply? "Cool, we're having a 10k time trial tomorrow". yeah, right thanks.

    I'll get down there one day

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