FLM Taper / training for half IM

I'm entered into the Weymouth middle distance triathlon 6 weeks after FLM. I'm currently in the taper for FLM but am keen to keep up cycling as well as swimming and a little running. I'm assuming the swimming is fine during the taper but does anyone have a view on doing a 50m bike this weekend and next weekend (1 week before), as well as the easy running through the taper period?


  • I am doing HIM UK on 17th June and the FLM.

    Cycling 50 on Saturday, running a half on Sunday, then doing no more cycling until after the FLM.

    I personally wouldn't do a 50 1 week before the FLM because it take my body over a week to completely receover from it.

    For swimming I am carrying on as usual but doing no drills the actual week of FLM.
  • Depends what you want to achieve at FLM really. Obviously cycling uses your legs and will create some measure of fatigue which will have an effect on your energy for running. I definitely wouldn't be doing a 50 miler the week before if I was looking at a good performance at FLM, but it also depends on if 50 miles is a long way for you or not. If you can bang it out in 2 hours then I guess it isn't really that big a deal but I still wouldn't do it a week before I dont think.
  • Agreed.

    If a FLM PB is the most important thing then don't risk the 50 mile ride.

    If you are just enjoying FLM and the HIM is more important and you are used to 50 mile rides and know you can recover from them in a week then go for it.

    Anywhere in between, you pay your money you take your chances!

    ps I am training for IM Austria and doing Bala on 3rd June. I will do long rides over this weekend but not next. You've got plenty of time to train for HIM in May.
  • to an extent I disagree - it depends on the route and the intensity of the 50 miler and the runner - if the running has eased off, an easy 50 miler will keep the muscles in good shape without the impact and should be easy to recover from.........

    but - saying that - I'd go shorter personally.........
  • My training plan for the weekend involves a 30M cycle on sat, Half mara Sun and 60M bike on Mon - ahead of boston mara the following week.

    Not that I would recommend this to anyone though.

    I tend to find that mara fitness it pretty easy to convert to bike fitness so I'd concentrate on the mara for now - but by all means keep cycling at an easy effort, then after FLM do more bike work. I find cycling after a hard marathon better than doing recovery runs 'cos there is no impact - and I'd be bored of running by then
  • Thanks guys. I think I'll do a 15m run Sat, 50m (slow) bike Sunday and replace the taper runs with easy spinning before FLM. I'd like to believe that I won't cane it on FLM day and take it easy for my main priority (IMUK), but know myself better than that!
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