Travelling from North Yorkshire

Anyone coming down from North Yorkshire on the Saturday? Perhaps looking to share transport?


  • Looks like there's only one tyke running!!!

    I'm one myself, but moved down south many many years ago. Good luck and I hope you find a lift.
  • I'm travelling from Skipton on Saturday afternoon (will have registered on Wednesday or Thursday) and will be on the train, so no sharing for me (apart from with all the other people on the train...)
  • Andsy - how do you register on Wed or Thurs if your not in London? - I'm a little concerned about not being able to get to the register before Sat 5pm as we are travelling on Saturday too?
  • I work down there a day or two a week, so I've kept my diary empty Wednesday afternoon. From memory we've usually got the 10.05 from Leeds and barring any problems that gets you down there in plenty of time. I think there were some rail problems last year but they kept registration open til 8.
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