Training With HRM

Decided to start training with a HRM.

Not quite sure how it all works but this is what I've done so fare and not sure what it all means.

Age 40
Height 5"8'

I done 1/2 marathon on Sunday with an average heart rate of 170 bpm I have been told this is too high for my age...

My usual run of 6.5 miles I cover in around 52 min 170 bpm and don't feel as if I'm hammering it....

Done the same 6.5 miles today and kept my heart rate to 150 bpm but it took an extra 8 min. And I felt as if I was walking..

I want to burn more fat as well what is my best option....?


  • LOL

    K - Sorry I had to rush away, my old boy arrived at the door. Nice chatting and catch you another day......

  • Are you going to do a max heart rate test?
  • Do I have to...?

  • If you want to get the best out of the HRM - yes.

    Warm up well
    then do a short fast effort long enough and fast enough to really get out of breath.
    repeat effort
    repeat effort again
    on each effort near the end look at the HRM
    the highest value is your max.
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