Advice needed on shoes

I've just started running and want to buy my first pair of shoes! I've looked on the site for which shoes I need, but I'm still not sure. The advice on what shoes to buy says that I need a shoe thats got stability with motion control features (it alos said semi-curved?) can you please recomend any for £60 or under?
Also I tend to run on trails not roads, does this make a difference to the shoes I need? If so can you again recomend what shoes I need?
And, finally I live in Sheffield, can you recomend any specialist running stores in this area or in the Chesterfield, Derbyshire area?



  • I'm a complete novice at the shoe buying and have a fear that I can get too anal about it...had no problems until I went to a specialist shop, now I get blisters - hence I now read into it all too much [in my judgement].

    There are 2 shops near us. Keep On Running in ATtercliffe and Derbyrunner just off the M1 at Jct 52.

    Both very helpful compared to a chain store ....
  • I would definitely recommend buying your first pair of running shoes from a specialist running shop as the staff should be able to carry out a few simple tests which will indicate what sort of shoes are right for you. Once they have done this they will then be able to give you a selection of brands and sizes to try, and, if they are really intent on providing a good level of customer service, they will let you go for a quick run up and down the road so that you can get a feel for each pair. My local running shop lets you try before you buy and any shop 'woth it's salt' should not have any problem with you doing this as it's the only way that you can make an informed purchase.
  • The guys from Keep on Running in Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield are really good and would sort you out with a suitable pair of shoes,no problem.Definitely worth a visit...?
  • Thanks for the help!! Gonna check out Keep on Running! Thanks again.
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