To run or not to run?


I've been training for FLM (first marathon) since January, I've managed to follow the schedule and been really lucky to stay injury free. I did my scheduled 22 last Sunday in 3hrs 17 and was really pleased. I then missed Tuesdays speed session as my legs felt really sore as I probably pushed it a bit too hard during the 22, I ran as planned Weds & Thurs and felt fine. Then I woke up Friday morning feeling really rough - I threw up twice and couldn't walk more than a few steps without feeling really sick, hot, dizzy and nearly passing out. I am never ill (haven't had a day off sick in 9 years)so this was really weird for me. I am due to run 18 miles tomorrow but my Dad who is an experienced marathon runner reckons I will do myself more harm than good and I should not run at all this weekend. The thought of missing it has got me totally panic stricken and irrationally thinking it will cancel out all my hard work.
What do people think - I feel better today so by tomorrow will I be ok to run?


  • I agree with your dad
  • Don't do it - and don't worry. You've come so far, not worth risking it. 18 miles is neither here nor there now, your dad is totally right. Sit on the sofa and eat choccy eggs!
  • I second your dad and Hipps. If you've done a 22 already, you'll be able to do the distance no problem. I did my last long one around 5 weeks before my first mara and just stuck to sub 12 miles between then and race day. Worked for me. You'll do yourself much more harm pushing it when you're ill. I know you feel like it'll undo the hard work, but honestly, it won't and you'll be stronger when you're better. Good luck.
  • that panicky "have i done enough" feeling is a normal part of taper madness

    rest up, get well, and rmemeber, you wont make the marathon if you dont make the start line

    you have done more than enough
    enjoy the day
  • Thanks all for replying.

    The rational part of my brain (rapidly decreasing in size the closer I get to FLM) tells me you are right. I just need to convince myself - feeling bad already for not doing my scheduled 4m this morning. Even I know that missing a 4miler isn't going to do any harm.
    Smackie - your suggestions sounds good -I have a monster box of Ferrero Rocher (spelling!!) waiting to be eaten on Sunday - yum!
  • I missed my second 20 miler last weekend due to a really heavy cold and felt exactly the same as you, Plodstar. But I managed to resign myself to the fact that my taper started 2 weeks earlier than I had planned it to. At least I've got one 20 miler under my belt; you've topped that with a 22 miler so I wouldn't worry at all.


    You could not run at all before the marathon and you'd be fine!
    You have done all the hard work, and the running you do in your taper really only stops you going med - it won't add anything to your marathon!
    So.... feet up, get well and strong, and if your don't feel 100% until April 21st - then DO NOT RUN!
    The only thing you CAN do by running inadvisedly now, is sabotage your marathon...

    Please don't!

  • Thanks all
    I won't do the 18 - promise!
    I'll see how I feel and maybe head out for a 5 or something on Monday if I'm feeling 100%
    Good Luck to those of you doing FLM - I'll be the one at the red start muttering about missing that last 18 miler!
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