The paradox of wicking clothing

For those who drip dry their wicking kit:

How do you dry your kit the fastest?

Surely they are designed to move water either:
i)in one direction - fibre design, or
ii)down the concentration gradient.
So, if i) is true it should be dried 'right way out', if ii) is true it should be frequently turned inside-out to allow for best evaporation.

I know it's not really a paradox but I bet you'd not thought of that one.

Thoughts please.


  • i is the same as ii. The inside is smooth - small area. The outside is textures - larger surface area. Hence moisture will move outwards... I think.

    So right way out every time...

  • i) isn't the same as ii)

    if the outside is wetter than the inside then the movement will be (assuming (ii)) from outside to inside.
    if the outside is wetter than the inside (assuming (i)) then movement will still be from inside to outside.
  • Stop confusing me !!
    I dunno how it works, just v glad that it does ! ;-)
  • I just stick it in the tumble dryer problem solved.
  • Zen Wicking Haiku
    for dog

    To dry wicking kit fastest:
    Turn inside outside in outside
    Then inside out
  • Isn't a Haiku generally 5-7-5 syllables?

    Which way wicks water well?
    I imagine it doesn't
    Matter much really.

    (but it does)
  • Put it on the radiator.
  • (which way 'round?)
  • OK.

    How about the concentration is about the same in terms of gradient due to requirement for equilibrium. The outside has larger SA and so will evaporate quicker. Evaporation only occurs at the surface. Hence right way out :-)

    Still could be wrong
  • It comes out of the washing machine almost dry anyway, so I just hang it up overnight (in the right way because I'm funny about things like that in a Virgo sort of way) then ready to go.
  • Don't wash it. Eventually the other half will. Not your problem then!
  • Here is your experiment. Wear it in the shower and see if you stay dry.And then wear it inside out and try again. Note the difference if any.
  • My Shower's broken
  • Does anyone find them really static?

    I'm sure that last sentence is not gramatically correct but you know what I mean. I mean electrically not that they don't move very much.
  • I've just read what I've written and even I can;t understand it. I'll get my coat.
  • my head hurts
  • My white nike one is so static it looks like a mini firework display when I take it off in the dark!
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