My legs were not made for running

Ok so I have Omni 5's now, rested up for a few months end of last year, done the physio thing, massage, RICE, creams lotions and potions all kinds of stuff...

Now I am trying to get back into it all again, going gradual, slow starts...trying to do everything right...

This blasted lump has returned on the outside of lower right leg, just above the ankle...its crippling...

Goes down if I have my leg up in the air...but you can't walk and run like that...can you

blimey this running lark is tricky


  • You're welcome to my legs, I've never been injured and I'm a bit of a couch potato these days anyway!:D
  • Hi I gave the road a miss over the winter months and joined a gym.. Now am finding it really hard to run outside.. Got awful pains in my calfs and upper thigh.. And if the gods were going to be even harder on me I am running the leeds half in four weeks.I have tried riding my bike and lots of stretching but nothing seems to be helping... HELP!
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