Filth in our lungs

I've just started training seriously again after a couple of months off. So far I've done three 5 milers to break myself in gently. Anyway after each one when I've got home again I've had a coughing fit and brought up some phlegm speckled with black dirt.

I seem to remember this happened the last time I started training seriously - it must be dirt that is permanently resident in your lungs unless you exhert yourself sufficiently to dislodge it.

Does anybody else get this after a lay-off ?


  • I take it you don't smoke ? Or live/work in a smoky environment ?

    I used to find I often got a cough after running when I was younger. But I was a smoker at the time. Now it never happens.

    Good you're getting it out of your system though (and I'm glad I had my breakfast before logging on this morning...
  • If you live in a major city you will find this happens a lot. If you live in London try rubbing your head with a tissue in the evenings .....mmmmmmmmmm
  • A cautionary tale - my running partner Ian swallowed a wasp. It stung the back of his throat - Ian, being dedicated, simply carried on and only thought about it when it started to hurt back at the office. NHS Direct said that if his throat started to swell up to dial 999 straight away.

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