Chicken Pox!

after a frustarting period of injuries, havd ridiculously picked up chicken pox at age 25!

had an abroad footy tournament on 21st, but this is looking very tight and close now.
don't feel as bad headache wise etc as i did when i first felt this, last thursday 5th, and am easting again, just have to lose this dreaded rash!

anyone else got some great stories of how they picked chicken pox up as an adult but was running to peak within 2 weeks!

they'd be encouraginG!


  • Cant you only get chickenpox once? Then you get shingles?

    Stay away from pregnant people and the elderly!
  • Aye, got chickenpox last February, aged 37! My kids had got it 2 weeks prior, and very kindly passed it on. I can honestly say that I have never felt so ill, including flu. It was a hellish 4/5 days of feverish trembling, high temperature, and of course the dreaded spots. It's generally more serious in adults.

    Can't remember how long til I was running again, but it was a good few weeks before I felt up to it.

    You have my sympathy...get well soon!
  • Sorry Stevie,

    It will probably be at least 3 weeks before it is completely out of your system.

    I got it at 29 and even after the spots had gone I didn't feel 100% for a good while.

    Take it easy. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Someone I know has only just gone back to work after 5 weeks off. He too said that he had never felt so ill.
  • Mrs SOG got it when 8 months pregnant with our firstborn. There was just sooooo much of her to get spots on, and they could give her anything for it. Not nice. You have my sympathy.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    i'm over that trembling freezing feeling and all the headaches, and tomorrow will be a week in, fancy i could rack up some miles on the stationary bike.

    i'll try signed off til 26th either way.

    hoping a previous high level of fitness might see it off quicker?!
    but you could ask if so fit how did you get it too!I'll sidestep that thought and ovedose on the Positive Mental Attitude and hope that and some mad keen encouragement to get to my company footy all expense paid trip to amsterdam on the 2qst can still come off.

    i can feel the power comng back, after re-reading that i'm back to full bore everyone mode!
  • It's your punishment for stinking out the clubhouse :-D

    Seriously though, I hope you're feeling better soon. Take it easy while you're recovering or you'll slow the recovery down.
  • I had the pox -if its not aged 30 and it was the sickest Ive ever been for about a week and then spotty time and it can re-occur but rarely I think
    3 weeks off work tell them your really infectious
    work said take as long as you need it was great caught up on lots of stuff

    FECKIN CHICKENS if it not the Pox its bird flu
  • Oi! Goldbeetle!! Its not our fault that you humans get too close!! ;-)

    Stevie, don't get back to exercising too soon. Make sure the virus has gone before you pump it round your system.

    Hope you get better soon.
  • Grilled Magret of Duck with a cranberries and Girolle sauce nicest thing to get close to my stomach
  • Shingles is a bastard.
  • and Inglan is a bitch.
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