fetch everyone shirts

are great, so are the vests and the long sleeved ones tho, buy one, if you can get back into fetch that is


  • i'm on commision Hendo, shut it

  • I love mine very nice fabric :)
  • i love all 3 of mine

    and my fetch towel :o)

    ( See Hanneke for towels..)

  • Hi SB,

    Got my new black long sleeved shirt yesterday. It's lovely. Hope the rumours about their "performance enhancing" qualities are true. Cos I hope to run a pb in my next 10k race :)
  • Long sleeve!!!

    It'a almost summer, time for the fetch bikini. :-)
  • I'm tempted now Ness
  • What colour are they Cliffy ? ;)
  • I love my Fetch shirt and my Fetch vest and, glory be, they actually fit me properly. I'd definitely recommend that all you lasses out there who can't find kit because you're on the downside of diminutive invest in some of these. Great colours and material too :o)
  • Havent got one yet and was thinking they may be collectors items as they are pre RW/Fetch days
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Still got my old URWFRC vest from about 4 years ago - now that is a collectors item....(and a yellow t-shirt)
  • I need to get a vest actually. I love my l/s top - was wearing it the other day (only clean top - my running kit's the only thing I make an effort to keep washed and ready to wear) and a girl came up to me and asked where I got it because she wanted one.
  • I have all three! The vest, t-shgirt and LS top. Have to be prepared to show off my alleagances in all weather conditions :-)
  • I have an URWFRC vest too, though my yellow t-shirt came to grief in the wash.
  • Really think they should bring back URWFRC vests. Going to get a Vegan Runners one too! In fact, I'm going to start collecting the things :-)
  • My fetch top is great too!

    I had a URWFRC pirate t-shirt after doing Tough Guy, but someone nicked it off my balcony when I'd left it there to dry on holiday in Crete.

    My gf and I reckon it was the 14 yo girl in the room next to us, as she seemed to have a crush on me (why I have no idea!). We caught her trying to get into our bathroom whilst I was having a shower once too!
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