as the nice weather approaches, people are out with their dogs...things you dont want happening 10days before a marathon. getting attacked by a dog whilst running. friend and i were running along, near jacksons boat, past 2 ladies, "excuse me can you let us past", "sure no worries, dont worry about dylan up ahead if he goes for you just say no". erm, no I dont think so. he went for us, friend escaped unscathed, i got snapped and clawed at, thank god it didnt break the skin, nice bruise on my calf. not as lucky as the next runner who came passed, they actually had blood drawn. be careful out there everyone!


  • That's outrageous but unfortunately rather common. All irresponsible dog owners should be severely punished.
  • Luckily the worst problem I've had with dogs along there is one that followed me for two miles and wouldn't turn round and go back until another runner came along the other way and I sent it back with them!

    What sort of dog was it?
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    a medium-size youngster. wasnt his fault, the owners should have had him on a lead. Look out for 2 women with a mad dog.
  • Arggh please can this not turn into another I hate/I love dogs thread :)
  • I have the same trouble but I run with my dog (on a lead). Its other owners who don't have control or put dogs on leads. My dog got hold of a puppy 2 weeks ago, owner had let it off the lead. It was jumping up at me and my dog then sank its teeth playfully into my dogs bum and my dog went for it. Owner not too happy, but I did warn her that my dog would go for it if she didn't get it under control. Bearing in mind I had just run around the marshy bit of my run. I would have thought common sense would have made her keep it on a lead until she could call it in. If it fell into the marsh its quite wet and boggy, she'd never have got it out.

    Its irrisponsible owners like that who get myself who (well I'd like to think) i was responsible a bad name.

    Hope your injuries not too bad now Clairster If you got bruising try arnica cream (boots/Superdrug) good stuff! Always have tube in the first aid kit!
  • serious question-why DONT people keep dogs on leads
  • Serious question - so here's a go at a serious answer (And, no, I've no intention of getting into another love/hate dogs thread either)

    Many dog owners let their dog off the lead so that the dog can get more/better exercise - clearly, if the dog can run more freely it can explore its surroundings (stimulating all its natural senses) as well as being able to chase sticks etc. The freedom is good for the dog. The challenge, as we have all seen, is to let the dog run if appropriate situations and this is where some (a minority in my experience) owners fail. Provided that the dog is UNDER CONTROL, there should be no problem but they all have the potential to be agressive so caution needs to be the watchword.

    I'll note in passing, then leave it there, that I have had many experiences recently when owners have spotted me running and either called their dogs in or thrown a stick for them to chase in the opposite direction. I find that saying thanks when people do this helps us all.
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