Giving blood

Gave blood last night about 8.00pm for the 1st time in years (decided it was about time I did something for someone else for a change)

without thinging of the concequences I did a 7.8m run @ 10.00am this morn and rerally struggled over the last 3m was running @ 8.30pace over a hilly course but blew up and ended doing 9.20/mile

I am assumimg this was due to having a whole armful less of blood to pump round.

does anyone know if the theory holds up


  • I reckon giving blood on a Thursday costs about 2 mins over a 10k race on the Sunday.

    But good for you for giving anyway.

    I have tried intervals the day after donating before and its a weird feeling - I felt like my throat wasnt wide enough to get enough oxygen round - which I guess wasnt too wide of the mark with the missing red blood cells ?

  • yup - it's like doing anti-altitude training!!!

    Your oxygen-carrying capacity is reduced!

    Comes back pretty quickly tho - just take it a bit easy for a day or two!
  • couple of days maybe? safe to train, you will just be slow! cheapy multivits & iron seem to help me get back faster, dunno if it's placebo though.
  • Last time I gave blood was on a Thursday; ran a 12k race that weekend and nearly had to pull out at about 5k.

    Although I did a local 5k the next day at a plod and was ok.

    Don't plan on breaking any world records for about a week at least :-)

    And well done...
  • Ah so it was me being stupid then, thanx all
  • Just to extend this slightly.

    I'm likely to be called to give blood next month, which obviously I'd like to do especially since I had to miss the last session because it clashed with something else. Trouble is, the date is six days before the Windermere Marathon which I've entered and would like to get round in a reasonable state. If the race was 10K, I doubt I'd be concerned but a marathon? Any more thoughts?
  • Ooh this is really handy - I'm giving blood next week... so basically just hold back the intensity for a few days and dont expect to break any records - sounds like just after running a hard session!
  • CumbriAndy - Marathon - I'm afraid I'd try to swap 'till after the mara when you'll be resting anyway, 6 days would be a bit too close for me. Have a look at for other donation times in your area.
  • 2 weeks and you'll be back to normal
  • ps. yes, no probs continuing training.
  • CumbriAndy.

    to follow up; each day has got better(obv) but yesterday was the 1st day I have felt anything like back to normal, so I would def say postpone the session till after the mara, I really didnt know/think what effect it would have on my running.
  • DG/Legless - Thanks for that. Was thinking that way anyway on a 'better safe than sorry' basis but useful to have confirmation that I'm not simply being paranoid.

    FWIW - I can also sympathise with the original query. I remember trying to play a football match years ago barely 24 hours after donating. I tried demanding to be subbed at halftime but couldn't because somebody else had been the same afternoon and was even more carp than me. Never again - always give myself time to rest up and recover now.
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