Sam Scenic and Seven

Just wondered if anyone ran one of the 2 races this weekend and stayed until the price giving. The Seven is the main event, with the Scenic (3mile) to be the other. My wife and I have been training hard to run good speeds over shorter distances. This paid off with her winning the ladies race over the shorter distance, but when the prices had to be handed over, there was a big mixup in the names and they eventually just asked 'the lady who won the race' to come and get her price. No mention of her name. No feeling of pride for winning her first race. The mayor of Leatherhead was there and handed over the prices and I felt embarrased for the organizers about the whole mess. We train hard and expect to receive the acknowledgement we deserve. Is this because it is not the main race? I know I might be a bit hard on this one, but ain't I right in saying so?
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