Is it wise to run back to back half marathons

Hi all,

Both the wife & I are considering doing half marathons on the 22nd & 29th July. Is this a wise/sane thing to do.

The first one is in Wycombe & the following weekend in Milton Keynes.

I average around the 1hr 40 mark & the wife around 1hr 30/35.

We plan just to jog on the Wednesday between the 2 dates.

Any thoughts from you would be grand!


  • cant see an issue with it myself

    have fun!
  • Tell you Monday after Rotterdams Marathon on the back of Easter Mondays Utrecht Marathon and will report again the following Monday after Lochaber Marathon .... must be kinda cool having a faster wife. Come on Woodle your letting the side down.
  • Perfectly doable if you just want to get round. If you want to get a PB or something then you need to target one and run the other very easily or as a recovery run.
  • I'm told some people run 26.2 miles all in one go ! Very silly.

    I'm planning to do the Great Cumbrian Run half marathon on Oct 14th then another in Amsterdam on 21st. As Cougie suggests, I'm targeting one, (the second) for my PB.
    Hoping for 2hrs in Carlisle and around 1:45 in Amsterdam, so not as quick as you.

    Would be interested to know how you get on.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the responses so far.

    Plodding Hippo, I'm also gutted at the Abingdon marathon being cancelled, so it looks like Luton in December to do my 2nd marathon.

    Selfish Git, Back to back marathons is a tad extreme, best of luck. In regards to the wife being faster, It's good, because she can get me my drinks and clothes whilst she is waiting for me. I may have lied about that but it sounds good.

    Cougie & XL-man, sounds like a plan to target one of them, but at the same time you only live once, and Wycombe's start is very steep to say the least, so the extra effort may well be in MK.
  • Don't most women like to reach the end before their partners ?

    I like your 'only live once' comment Woodle. My Carlsile run is with a friend whose PB is 2:03:01 - really hope we can get under 2 hrs in that one. So far we're going very well this year. So th esigns are good.

    My PB is 1:49:04 in the GNR - I'm hoping a less crowded event and the extra mileage I'm putting in this year, will help me to take a big chunk off that.
  • Im doing the Northumberland coastal run (14 miles approx) on the 15th July, then Bishop Wilton Half (hilly!!) on 21st July. Both quite challenging. But its my birthday that week so I need a distraction!!!
  • Sounds OK to me :o)
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